The Benefits of Stimulating Face Masks.

The benefits of stimulating face masks | The Fig's Heart.

Have you tried using a stimulating face mask before? These spicy formulas are made with ingredients like paprika, cinnamon, and stinging nettle! They feel hot when applied to the skin (not uncomfortable or unbearable though) and depending on your skin type they will cause you to flush a nice rosy red. It’s best to use these types of masks at night so you’re not walking out the door looking like a hot pepper. It can sometimes take up to an hour for the redness to clear from your complexion after rinsing the mask off.

Flushed skin is a good sign though! It means you’ve experienced increased blood flow to the surface cells of your skin and with fresh blood comes fresh oxygen (and many other beneficial nutrients). This will help to decrease toxin levels, minimize breakouts, and plump the skin (preventing and decreasing wrinkles). You will notice immediate and effective results with stimulating masks, even after just one application. I always know my skin will look smooth and refreshed afterwards, almost like those annoying people who get that perfect post-workout glow (minus the sticky face and messy hair).

The benefits of stimulating face masks | The Fig's Heart.

The benefits of stimulating face masks | The Fig's Heart.

Eminence Organics makes some of my favourite stimulating masks. They have a variety of spices ranging from gentle to XXX hot. If you have sensitive skin please try a patch test first. I’m a medium-spice kind of girl but I like to do spot treatments on bad blemishes with the extra hot masks from time to time. Stimulating masques are perfect for skincare mixology as well. They can be combined with other face masks to achieve certain skincare goals or used directly before/after other treatments to really pamper the skin. I like to start with a stimulating mask and then apply a second (more hydrating/soothing) mask afterwards. Once you bring heat to the surface of the skin with the stimulating mask you will get even better results and benefits from your second mask so choose wisely and have fun! It’s also easier to draw out impurities after a stimulating mask so anyone with breakouts might look for a clay mask to use in conjunction with these. Here are three stimulating masks from Eminence Organics that I know and love:

Eight Greens Phyto Hot: This formula is made with eight female plants high in phytoestrogens and antioxidants. It’s lower on the heat scale and spiced with paprika. This is one of their original recipes and incredible for breakouts around the chin/jawline as it helps to balance hormones. Also a great mask in general to promote a smooth and youthful complexion.

Lime Stimulating: My personal favourite. This is a medium heat mask spiced with nettle. It’s great for people with combination or oily skin types and helps to decrease breakouts. It leaves the skin firm, fresh, and smooth.

Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment: This is where the heat gets real. This world-famous treatment is beneficial for all skin types as it eliminates toxins and bacteria with the power of cinnamon and paprika. Once you get past the heat your skin is left looking calm, healthy, and smooth.

The benefits of stimulating face masks | The Fig's Heart.

Have you tried any stimulating skincare treatments before?

  • Nikki

    The lime stimulating mask is my favourite too! I mix it with a healing mask for my occasional breakouts, it works great.

  • Oh my gosh, that lime mask … I have so many memories of it! It was INTENSE, but then after using it a few weeks in a row, my skin sort of craved it. I got such amazing results from it — the flush, the glow, the refining. Glad you wrote this post to remind me how good it really was! I haven’t tried the other two you mention, though I have definitely seen them. Need to visit my local spa to scoop some more of these up! xoxo

    • Thanks Kimberly! Haha yes I remember the first time using the mask is always the most intense. See if you can get a sample of the Eight Greens, it’s awesome! Glad to hear you’ve had good results with these :) Happy Weekend!