Making the Switch: Concealer.

Switch to a natural concealer.

I mentioned a few weeks back that I would be sharing parts of my journey as I switch over to all-natural beauty products. As many of you have probably experienced, some products are easier to replace than others. Concealer was one of my first obstacles. The NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer was something I used everyday. The shade Vanilla could have been named Lauren because it matches my skin so well. The formula is creamy and hydrating, it blends brilliantly, and it works well both under eyes and to cover blemishes. Finding a natural alternative to live up to this is going to be a challenge.

Switch to a natural concealer.

I’ve tried a few samples from a variety of brands and ended up purchasing the Jane Iredale Active Light Concealer. The shade range is rather limited so I found the colour doesn’t match me as well, but it’s pretty close. I’m not a huge fan of the brush applicator, I feel like this isn’t the most sanitary option. However, the product itself is beautiful. All Jane Iredale products are skincare based and this concealer is no exception. It’s made with Vitamin K to help dark circles under the eyes as well as white tea and cucumber to soothe tired skin. It conceals and brightens by reflecting the light. I haven’t had any issues with creasing throughout the day and I find it leaves the skin under my eyes looking healthy and hydrated. I’ve been using this daily for a few weeks now and I’m quite happy.

Pro Tips: Pat this into the lower eye crease, outer corners of the eye, and around the lip line for the brightest glow ever! This formula reduces puffness around the eyes by 18% and will quickly turn into your Monday morning bestie. (Thanks Blair!).

Switch to a natural concealer.

Do you have a favourite concealer?

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  • Stephanie

    Pictures are lovely, and I’ve always heard good things about that Jane Iredale concealer since it’s brightening. I’m a major fan of the RMS “un” cover-up.

    • Thank you Stephanie! Ohh I would love to try the RMS un cover-up. I actually just picked up my first RMS goodie this weekend. The classic living luminizer, so excited! xo

  • I actually don’t have a favorite concealer to date but I was excited reading about this and have added it to my wish list! I love the qualities you described. I have this issue of concealer looking very dry whenever applied under my eyes so I like how this was hydrating and soothing :)

    • Awesome! Jane Iredale makes some really lovely products. Do you use eye cream at all? You don’t have to get anything super fancy, but I find it really makes a difference in how my concealer lasts throughout the day. xoxo

      • I do! Though it seems to be making minor difference, which, tells me I’ll have to be updating both eye cream and concealer :)

  • Anne

    Wow I totally commend you for switching over and love that you’re sharing the process – not easy to do! xx

    • Thanks Anne! It’s going to be a longer process than I first thought. But totally worth it. xo

  • Girrrrrl you have to check out Christopher Drummond’s Duo Phase Concealer! Amazeballs.

    • That actually looks SO good! Thanks for the recommendation, I’m excited! xo

  • I’ve been using a concealer by Gabriel Cosmetics which I found at Whole Foods and I’ve been really loving it! It’s great for both blemishes and under the eyes. Not entirely sure whether you can get it in Canada though :/

    • Ohhh that sounds nice. I just went over to Vancouver (the closest Whole Foods location) with a big list of products to pick up and they didn’t have any of them!! Awww, I was so sad. I’ll have to make a trip to Seattle sometime ;) It’s only a ferry ride away!

      • Oh no, that’s such a bummer! I hate when you feel so organized with a list, but then you can’t find anything haha. And yes, you should definitely do that ;)

        • Aww I’m thinking sometime later this summer I will make the trip. I’ll definitely let you know before and maybe we can meet for tea or something! Or Lavender lattes ;) We share the love for lavender haha.

  • Jane Iredale is another one Im wanting to get my hands on! Her products were actually at the resort I was at in hawaii but SUPER marked up! I will have to track it down somewhere near home! Did you find yours online or somewhere in Victoria?

    • Oh I bet they were. Yeah I bought mine in Victoria, a few day spas carry the line over here. I’m sure you could find a spa in Calgary that sells it. :)

  • Amazing! Love the tips!! Thanks Blair.

  • Ooooh, actually love the yellow look of this concealer, perfect for under the eyes! Jane does it again :)

    Mayah x

  • Jen

    Thanks for sharing Lauren, looks good! I’ve just bought Jane Iredale’s circle/delete 2 as a switch for the Bobbi Brown corrector and I’ve been impressed so far. Reckon I should be trying out more from Jane! :)

    • Oh nice! I also used the Bobbi Brown corrector for a while so I’m interested in how that compares. Looks like it could be a really good replacement. Her pressed powders seem to be one of the most popular sellers! I think that’s next on my list. Thanks Jen! xoxo

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