Nice To Meet You | Louche Lily.

Louche Lily | Lyz Plant

A couple weeks ago I got to spend the afternoon with makeup artist Lyz Plant! She’s crazy talented and has a lot of experience working with green beauty brands. She’s also the owner and curator of Louche Lily, a luxury online boutique carrying all natural makeup and skincare products. She carries a lot of my favourite brands and a few I had never tried before…until she did my makeup!

Louche Lily | Lyz Plant

Louche Lily | Lyz Plant

Lyz has over a decade of experience working in the fashion world and has been one of the makeup artists for several events including Vancouver/Toronto Fashion Week, Vancouver Eco Fashion Week, television appearances, runway, and more. Lyz was so kind and shared a ton of tips and tricks while she applied all of the makeup. I didn’t feel too ‘done-up’ in the look even though I had a bold lip. The rest of my makeup was still very natural and went along with my individual style. I felt comfortable in all of the products and confident once the look was complete. If you ever get a chance to work with Lyz, take it! She’s full of knowledge and a complete joy to be around.

We chatted about our favourite products and exciting new things that are coming for the green-beauty community this year (she’s got the inside scoop!). She’s also got the best collection of natural makeup I’ve ever seen….so many new favourites.

Louche Lily | Lyz Plant

Louche Lily | Lyz Plant

Louche Lily | Lyz Plant

Louche Lily | Lyz Plant

She created a very fresh Spring look on me using all products that can be found on Louche Lily.

We started with a light wash of 100% Pure Healthy Skin Foundation with SPF 20 in the lightest shade ‘Creme’.

Vapour Organics Atmosphere Luminous Foundation Stick in shade #110 was used through the t-zone and blended out. This is a brand I had never tried before but I was really impressed with the seamless finish the foundation left.

She used the Kjaer Weis Foundation in ‘Like Porcelain’ to cover up small blemishes and scaring.

Then she gently patted some Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in the shade ‘Blossoming’ onto my cheeks. Tip from Lyz: blend cream blushes right up to the hairline to avoid a painted-on look that some cream blushes create. Kjaer Weis is so luxurious and the bad-ass packaging makes it worth the price.

She did an incredible job filling in my eyebrows (can you come over every morning Lyz!?) using the 100% Pure Eye Brow Colour in the shade ‘Taupe’. I had to ask for some advice on this since she did such a flawless job. Lyz suggests using something like the 100% Pure Eye Brow Colour because it isn’t just a powder, it’s got a bit more texture to it. Not a full on wax, but just enough to match the natural shine/oil of your hair. Even the untrained eye can pick up on eyebrows when they are too matt/powdery and stand out against your healthy head of hair!

She then used a light dusting of the Ilia Fade Into You Translucent Face Powder to set everything. This is perfect for touch ups or between concealer/foundation layers. I might have to pick this one up, I really liked it.

She kept the eyes real simple by using the Vapour Organics Mesmerize Eyeliner in the shade ‘Truffle’ and the 100% Pure Eyeshadow in the shade ‘Pearl’ to highlight. [No mascara was used for this look, I was wearing silk eyelash extensions].

Prtty Peaushun Skin Shimmer was added to my cheekbones to add that little extra ‘glow’ that I can’t ever get enough of! Loved this product, a lot!

Lyz finished the look with my new favourite lipstick…the Ilia Lipstick in the shade ‘Wild Child’. I absolutely adore this shade and I think everyone should own it.

Louche Lily | Lyz Plant

I’m so happy how this turned out. Such a fun afternoon, thank you Lyz!

PS. I did a little order on her site….check out what I picked up!

  • Jakhira Khatun

    Such a gorgeous look! What mascara are you wearing? xx

    • Thanks Jakhira! Sorry, I knew I forgot to mention something. I’m actually wearing eyelash extensions so we didn’t use any mascara. I’ll add that into the post, thanks again :)

  • So pretty! Sounds like you had a lovely time, look at all that makeup!! :O x

    • Awww thanks Amber! I know, so much good stuff…and that was only a couple of her bags! I saw that you signed up for the S/S Green Beauty Swap…..can’t wait!! xoxo

  • Absolutely stunning Lauren! You look very Parisian :)

    • I agree with Naomi on this one ;)

      • Too kind! Thanks Catherine. Hope the apartment searching is going well!

    • Ahhh Naomi, that’s the best compliment ever! I only wish I was Parisian hahah. You’re awesome, hope you’ve been enjoying the lovely weather in Van ;)

  • I’ve got to get my hands on Ilia’s Wild Child!

  • Aaaa so many gorgeous products, love her makeup bag<3 She did good, you look beautiful, like always! :) And love your picks, enjoy your goodies :) xx

    • Thank you Jana! Hahh yes, I love her makeup bag too. Wish I had access to that many products all the time! Big hugs :)

  • SO great to hear all of the love for this look – DAY MADE! XO