First Impressions: Pai Rosehip Oil.

Pai Rosehip Oil | The Fig's Heart.

I was sent a generous sample of the Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil from the lovely Sabrina of Call it Vanity! I’ve had my eye on this forever and she continuously raves about it so I was thrilled to find it in my #greenbeautyswap parcel this Summer! Once I burned through the sample she gave me, I was convinced to pick up a bottle of my own. I’ve been loving all-things-rose this Fall and this oil fits right in with my collection.

Check out the vibrant colour! This unique oil contains a highly concentrated blend of both Rosehip fruit and Rosehip seed oils containing five times the carotenoids of the more commonly used seed oil. Carotenoids are full of potent antioxidants that repair and protect the skin from environmental damage. They’re also the reason why this oil has such a gorgeous deep orange colour.

Pai Rosehip Oil | The Fig's Heart.

Pai Rosehip Oil | The Fig's Heart.

Rosehip oil is known for conditioning the skin and helping improve firmness and elasticity. It’s high in omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 which fuel the skin’s natural functions resulting in a smooth complexion and even skin tone. These essential nutrients restore the skin to its clearest and healthiest condition. I find the oil works best on damp skin so I apply it directly after a good misting of toner. This allows the oil to ‘slip’ easier on the skin so you can spread 1-2 drops over the entire face and neck. It’s definitely a thicker oil than others I have used before but I still feel comfortable wearing it. Rosehip is categorized as a linoleic rich oil which is better for oily/problematic skin than oleic rich oils. For me this product is great as a night time moisturizer on its own. In the day I will only apply a drop to my cheeks and cover with a thin layer of moisturizer. Sabrina also suggests using this as a spot treatment as soon as you notice the first signs of a blemish. So far I really like it and I’ve noticed my skin is smooth after using it.

It’s good for all skin types including: dull/damaged skin, blemishes, scars, stretch marks, sun damage, age spots, and fine lines.

Pai Rosehip Oil | The Fig's Heart.

Have you tried this or any other kind of Rosehip oil before? What type of oils are in your routine right now?

  • Your blog is lovely! I’ve been curious about this brand for awhile now, but have yet to try it. I will have to try this out. I love anything with rosehip oil in it as my skin is very prone to scarring and rosehip oil helps tremendously!

    • Thank you Donna! I agree, rosehip is great for helping with scarring. I have to say I adore the name of your blog! I’ve been all about rose and high vibrations lately!! So cool. I noticed on Instagram that you were reading Woman Code. I just picked it up last week and I’m really excited! Did you like it? xo

      • Thank you! :) Yes, I absolutely adore rose and all its amazing properties. It is the queen bee of all oils! Woman Code is fantastic. I just finished it not too long ago, and it honestly taught me so much about the way our menstrual cycles work, different foods you can eat to support you during each phase of your cycle, and also different ways for balancing hormones. It was definitely an insightful read and I imagine I will be revisiting it often! I love learning more about women’s health!

        • Awww, so good to hear! Can’t wait to start reading it. I’m happy we’ve connected, sounds like we share lots of similar interests. We’ll have to keep in touch :) Happy Thanksgiving!

          • Me too! :) You as well! Enjoy!

  • Such a beautiful product! I’ve heard rosehip oil is good for acne scars, so I always use it on my skin if I’ve suffered a breakout!

  • This oil is such a gem, love it! xx

  • Gorgeous photos! This is indeed a lovely product.