Kopa Kauai Sea Salt Soaps.

Kopa Kauai Sea Salt Soaps are handmade with love and aloha on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. I visited Kauai last September and actually got to meet the makers of this brand and take home one of their soaps. What an absolute treasure! These soaps are very moisturizing and they create a beautiful lotion-like lather. “The minerals… Continue Reading

Ingredient Spotlight: Kale.

It’s no surprise I had to write about kale. This green beauty is probably one of the most popular health-foods out there. Kale is a dark leafy green from the Brassica family and a close relative to both broccoli and brussels sprouts.  It has been a part of European diets since 600 B.C. and American diets since the 1800s…. Continue Reading

Dairyface Skincare.

I’ve been using plain yogurt straight from the fridge as a weekly face mask for a long time. I love the way it feels on my skin and it always leaves my face looking calm and clear. I recently received a package from a local company that makes fresh skincare products with all-natural probiotic yogurt! Their luxurious dairy-based face masks… Continue Reading

The Skincare Pillow.

I don’t know how I missed out on this revolution for so long. Silk pillowcases! Do you have one? I’m not kidding around when I say I don’t want to ever think about sleeping on cotton again. I picked up a silk pillowcase last month after reading about how they can help promote good skin… Continue Reading