New Lush Shower Favourites.

D’Fluff Shaving Cream. I’ve never used drug store shaving creams, I find them really harsh and drying. I’ve been using Ambrosia by Lush for several years now but when this new fluffy pink shaving cream launched last month I had to try it! This stuff is so cool! It’s like strawberry mousse and it smells incredible. The marshmallowy… Continue Reading

Raw Manuka Honey Face Mask.

I wrote a post on honey face masks just over a year ago when I first started using honey regularily on my skin. (You can view the post here if you’d like, it includes more of a step-by-step process). Over the past year I’ve tried several different varieties and brands of honey, but just recently I’ve discovered something amazing. Wedderspoon’s… Continue Reading

Morning Skincare Duo.

Antipodes is a New Zealand based all natural skin-care line. They use several high-quality organic ingredients and make beautiful products. The first two products I ordered from them are the Juliet Skin-Brightening Cleanser and the Apolstle Skin-Brightening Serum. I use both of these in my morning routine to cleanse and prep my skin for the day…. Continue Reading

Oil Pulling + Why I’m Hooked.

You’re either thinking: what on earth is oil pulling? Or, do we really need another blog post on the internet telling us about the latest health trend? If you don’t know what it is or you want to learn a little more about it, I’d love to share my experience with you. I’ve waited until now to post about oil pulling… Continue Reading

Product Collection: Spring Cleaning.

Hello! I spent the majority of my weekend cleaning out my bathroom and reorganizing all my makeup and skincare products. I’ve been enhancing my collection since the start of the year and it finally came time to sort through this stuff so my drawers and counters weren’t over flowing! I got rid of some stuff, found a few… Continue Reading

Essie Nail Basics.

Since I decided to make the switch from gel-polish back to regular lacquer (I know, sounds crazy!) I had to invest in some essentials. To lengthen the life of any nail polish a good base coat and top coat are necessary. I also think taking care of the health and strength of your nails will… Continue Reading