Advent Calendar Ideas.

Are your advent calendars ready for Monday morning? I used to love counting down the sleeps till Christmas morning when I was younger, and waking up to a little chocolate wasn’t bad either! If you’re looking for a good DIY project for the holidays and you have some time this weekend, here are a few of my favourite advent calendar designs…

Advent Calendars 2014.

This might just be the most adorable advent calendar I’ve ever seen. Made with 24 empty walnut shells and delicate glass bead detailing. So precious! [Sweet Paul Magazine]

Advent Calendars 2014.

I love this raw and rugged design. The numbers are stamped on thin sheet metal and each parcel is tied with thick twine. Very rustic and modern. [A Merry Mishap]

Advent Calendars 2014.

A very romantic idea: message in an ornament. Instead of chocolate or treats, each glass ornament is filled with a little love note, some sparkles and glitter, and a favour or date night idea. So clever! [My friend Tan of Squirrelly Minds]

Advent Calendars 2014.

This mini tree design is so simple and elegant. You can download and print a free template to make the labels so it would be really easy to put together. Sprinkle a little fake snow around the boxes and you’ve got yourself a winter wonderland! [Oh Happy Day]

Advent Calendars 2014.

This one reminds me of the one I had growing up. A simple handmade felt garland. I love the mismatched shapes and sizes. [Cirkus]

Will you have an advent calendar this year?  What was your favourite advent calendar as a child?

  • wow Lauren, thank you for these beautiful idea! Wow, i think i’ll made the 24 with message for my kids :) Xx

  • OMG the nut calendar is so adorable!! :) I wish I had the patience to make one of my own – but as December is the busiest time of year in terms of work&Uni exams, I probably will buy a simple chocolate one in the middle of December and eat it all at once on 23rd of December, when the holidays start ;D
    Love the others as well, so pretty!

    • Hahaha that made me laugh. Don’t feel bad at all, in reality I may just do the same! Good luck with your exams! xo

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