Hello September.

Photo via Ma-Luxe.

Hi. How are you guys? It’s been a lot longer than I anticipated since my last post, I’ve missed you guys so much! I must say though, it was very flattering to receive messages from a few of you asking if everything was ok. Things are good, I just got a little carried away with the warm weather. When you live on the west coast and only get two months of guaranteed sunshine per year, you’ve got to soak in that Vitamin D while you can. I’ve been connecting with friends, eating fresh food, spending lots of time by the ocean, and settling into a new place. I’ve been filling up my cup with as much positive energy and love as I can in preparation for the transition into Fall.

Salt Spring Island | The Fig's Heart.

Check out the hammock on the back of my friend’s deck. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to lounge in that thing. I spent a weekend on Salt Spring Island with her in August. We always have the most amazing conversations and I always leave feeling inspired and full of fresh air.

The first week of September was spent putting attention and care into my new place. I wanted to create a space that makes me excited to go home at the end of the day. A little haven that will keep me warm and cozy over the Winter. I’m really happy with it so far.

New bedroom | The Fig's Heart.

I’d love to know what all of you have been up to. How are you transitioning into Fall? Any amazing summer vacations? The break has been nice but I’m really looking forward to learning, sharing, and blogging again. That’s what September is all about, making new routines and starting new projects. Thank you for being patient while I took some time offline, it’s great to be home again!
[Graphic via ma-luxe]

  • Welcome back, Lauren! I’ve also been a bit MIA this summer because well, I’ve been busy enjoying the outdoors and taking trips this summer! Had to make the most out of the beautiful weather, right? So there’s nothing to apologize for! Your new place looks stunning! I love how warm and bright the space is! I’m super excited about Fall…I’m taking a trip to Vermont the first week of November for my birthday…I hope the foliage lasts, but either way, it’ll be a fun time!

    • Aww thank you Jessica! I agree, it’s so important to make the most out of all the little moments of Summer. It’s nice to hear another blogger does the same :) Enjoy your trip to Vermont, that’s exciting! I’m sure the trees will still be beautiful, November is just around the corner (scary!). Sending smiles, xo.