City Guide: Milan.

Milan was the most surprising and thrilling destination during my summer in Italy. I spent two weeks running around this city with wide eyes trying to absorb as much as possible before the day finished. Creativity has been let loose in the streets and it’s impossible to not fall in love with the fashion, art,… Continue Reading

ON & ON Day Spa, Hanalei.

ON & ON Day Spa. This super glowy brand new day spa is right in the heart of Hanalei. I am so happy I got to experience a few services before I left Kauai. Not only do they have a gorgeously designed interior, they offer unique services with the highest quality botanical products and modern… Continue Reading

Weekend Reading | November.

I love November. The season of creativity and connection. A month of exploration, education, rearranging of furniture, and good conversation enjoyed with great meals. I’ve found myself putting more of a priority on creating friendships and connecting with women in the community on a personal level recently. Reading books and listening to podcasts about hormonal… Continue Reading

Weekend Reading | June.

It’s officially Summer! What are you loving right now? What’s happened this month? Coconut oil officially lost it’s street credit, never thought I would see that day. OITNB Season 5 launched on Netflix, only took me a few days to binge watch the entire season. Thoughts? I loved it. I’ve been reading a little more, in addition to… Continue Reading