Fresh Floral Arrangements.

Fresh Floral Arrangements

It’s mid summer and fresh flowers are everywhere! It’s so nice to surround ourselves with the luxury of fresh bouquets while we can. I love getting local bunches from the farms around town and they usually come at a reasonable price. Today I’m sharing a few tips and tricks on how to get the most of your summer bunches…

-Break up the arrangement into smaller bunches and place these around the house. Have a mini bouquet on your bedside table and another by the bathroom sink.

-Ask the florist what flowers just arrived. Seems so simple yet I often forget to do this. Picking up the freshest bunch will give you a few extra days at home with the flowers.

-Choose bright colours to lift your mood. I can’t get enough of sunflowers right now, they’re so cheerful!

-If you can, place your bouquets in the fridge overnight. According to this fresh flower test the fridge works best to preserve the life of fresh cut flowers.

-Pick fragrant flowers to calm and relax a busy mind (also good for the office). Sweet peas, freesias, and lavender are nice options.

-If you’re giving them away, here’s a great little tutorial on how to wrap a bouquet.

Do you have any fresh flower tips/tricks? I’d love to hear!
[Photo via Carin Olsson]