February Delights.

I like this time of year, February is always so short and sweet. The holidays are over but the weather is cozy and the year still feels brand new. Can you believe it’s almost Valentine’s Day!? I like the way the date sounds this year…February fourteenth, two thousand fourteen. I know some people cringe at the thought of this day. Either it’s too couple-y or too Hallmark-y, I get it, I can respect that. I love it though. Something about this day always brings me back to the excitement of elementary school when the teacher would send us home with a class list so we could write out a valentine to each student. How cool was that? Getting like 30 valentines!

My girlfriends and I usually exchange home-made cards in the shapes of hearts (for real) and some sort of festive baking (remember the Pink Velvet Cupcakes made with beets?). Last year I received a surprise parcel in the mail for Valentine’s Day. A long time family friend and an amazing Lady (Jackie, you’re the best!), put together a Valentine’s Day box full of all things pink. From mascara and lipsticks to chocolates and socks, it was so much fun to open and such a thoughtful gift! I love this idea, so I thought I would share a few pink products you could get for a friend (or a special Valentine).


ONE – Bodum French Press.
TWO – Sugar Paper Valentine Coasters.
THREE – YSL Limited Edition Heart Case Blush.
FOUR – Kate Spade Earrings.
FIVE – Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Yu Bright Pink.
SIX – Tory Burch Lipstick Case. I adore this!
SEVEN – Big Pink Heart Pillow!
EIGHT – Eberjey Hannah Cuff Robe in Pink Glow.


I also love this awkward dating card! Isn’t it cute?
She has some really clever greeting cards. Check out this one too…


What are your Valentine’s Day plans this year? Fill me in! Going on a date? Baking with friends? Watching a rom-com on the couch? Whatever it is, make sure to spread some love.

Happy February! xo

PS. We all know that handmade gifts are more meaningful (and more economical), so if you feel like getting crafty this month check out these awesome ideas (there are some good ones!):
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