Word Snacks.

“16. Investigate poetry. Poems are like awesome word snacks that nourish your brain.
Find the poets who transcribe your experience of the world. Then look for the
ones who show you another side of life entirely.

Susannah Conway recently wrote an article called 40 lessons from 40 years. She shared this list of life lessons on her website and number 16 was my favourite, along with 22 and 36. Word snacks. I love the visual I get when I say this. It made me think of a document I’ve had on my computer for years that I continuously add to. A collection of quotes, lyrics, and excerpts from things I read or hear. Combinations of words that cause me to feel a certain way, or remind me of something. I’ve thought about what I might do with this list before, but never came to anything. The term ‘word snacks’ made me think about combining the phrases I’ve saved with photos that capture the same feeling I get from the phrase. This being my own interpretation of what a word snack might look like…

A Mid-Summer's Day.

Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare. Photo by Amy Merrick.

Photo via Katie Quinn Davies.

Nursery Rhyme: Sing a Song of Sixpence. Photo by Katie Quinn Davie

Photo via Pinterest.

Sex and the City: S01E01. Photo via Pinterest.

Ocean in a Shell.

Half Light I by Arcade Fire. Photo by Michael Graydon.

Although this is a weak attempt to investigate poetry, it’s an attempt. I really enjoyed matching quotes with pictures and playing with different fonts. Try it out! Susannah is right, word snacks are nourishing to the brain.

I also liked what Susannah said about finding the poets who transcribe your experience of the world. There are writers who I relate to so well, I almost feel like they understand what’s going on in my head better than I do. You know those feelings that can’t be explained to any of your friends no matter how well they know you? Those same feelings that can be perfectly described in one line of a song? I sometimes ask myself if it’s possible for somebody I’ve never met to understand me better than anyone else. Victoria Legrand, Win Butler, yeah they know me pretty well. Now it’s time for me to look for those artists who show me another side of life entirely. Suggestions?

I’m looking forward to start a new week, I was feeling a little blue over the weekend. There must have been something in the air. Today is a fresh start though, happy Monday! Thanks for reading.