A Pledge to the Kitchen | Raw Chocolate Mousse.

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“I pledge to cook my own meals and eat living vibrant plants every day.” I think my pledge for April was somewhat obvious as all my posts this month have been about food. This may seem like a no brainer for some of you, but I’ve found myself slacking on vegetable consumption lately so my fourth pledge this year was dedicated to taking the time and effort into cooking meals with whole natural ingredients right in my own kitchen. That’s right, this month my kitchen wasn’t only for dancing. If you’ve ever seen my kitchen though, you know it’s much too small for that anyways.

April was really busy, but it was also my favourite month so far. It feels like just a week ago I was writing my meditation post for March, but at the same time it feels like a world of a difference since then. While doing my pledge this month, I decided I’m ready to go back to school again. I did not see this coming, I thought I would be avoiding school for the rest of my life. Well, at least for another few years. But the program I want to take is perfect, it feels right just thinking about it. I’ve always been passionate about health and how foods and lifestyle can contribute to this. I want to be able to help individuals reach their health potentials by teaching them how to live and thrive off real food. I want to combine the importance of a healthy diet with the importance of a healthy mind. This has led me to apply for…drumroll…

the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Their diploma program in Applied Holistic Nutrition certifies you as a Nutritional Practitioner and Registered Nutritional Consultant. Giant smiles all around.

Chamomile. ©LaurenBurkitt

Fresh chamomile buds.

This month I’ve shared how to make homemade salad dressingsfresh almond milk, and a green goddess smoothie but I wanted to share one more recipe with you. Eating natural foods doesn’t mean you can’t have dessert. I tried a raw chocolate mousse recipe from the Crazy Sexy Kris Carr that I can’t get enough of! It’s so good and it leaves me feeling light but satisfied. I read her book Crazy Sexy Diet from cover to cover this month and had a hard time putting it down. (You can add this book to my list of recommended reads below). Kris Carr is a vibrant woman who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at a young age. She decided to fight it naturally by changing her party-scene lifestyle in NYC to a complete plant based diet. Ten years later and she is beaming with life and has more energy than ever. She is an inspiration and a library of knowledge. This woman knows her stuff!

Raw Chocolate Mousse. ©LaurenBurkitt

 Raw Chocolate Mousse:

1 avocado
8 dates
1 tsp ground vanilla bean (or extract)
4 tsp raw cacao powder
1/4 cup water

Blend all ingredients together until smooth. (Serves 2).
Garnish with your favourite toppings. I chose blackberries and fresh mint, but I
think this would be good with walnuts too! Store in the fridge for up to 3 days.

As I finished Kris Carr’s book, I started pulling all my other health and food related books off the shelf to refresh my memory. There is so much to learn! If you’re interested in food, nutrition, or simply cooking more at home, I highly recommend these books:

You Are What You Eat by Gillian Mckeith. This is a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn more about living a healthier lifestyle and detoxing. She covers everything from the cracks on your tongue to the consistency of your stools and what you can add/take away from your diet to help. I’ve bought this book as a gift for several people in my life and I still refer back to it often.
Dinner: A Love Story by Jenny Rosenstrach. This is a heart warming cookbook about food and the way it brings us all together. It’s full of tips and tricks for cooking, hilarious stories from Jenny’s family, all sorts of delicious recipes, and the importance of connection between friends and family. This book can be read cover to cover, but you’ll also refer back to it whenever you’re looking for a great recipe to entertain friends or cook for the family.
Clean Food by Terry Walters. This book has good information about eating locally and seasonally. It’s a great cook book for someone who wants to incorporate healthy make-at-home meals into their life. It’s packed with good clean recipes that are full of colourful vegetables, nutritious grains, and natural proteins.
In Defence Of Food by Michael Pollan. This book is an eye-opening read about the western diet and our loss of connection to real food. It explains how most North Americans have become confused and distorted by food industry marketers about what to eat and wind up eating food-like substitutes that are smothered in labels. It’s clever, extremely informative, and makes you think about food in a whole new way.

I ended my monthly pledge to fruits and vegetables with a 3-day juice cleanse put on by The Juice Truck here in Vancouver. Can you say spring cleaning? Cucumber, kale, mint, aloe vera, ginger, lemon, apple, pear, fennel, cabbage, spinach, celery, and more. Check out their website for all the details. Three full days of nothing but liquid sunshine! If you’ve thought about doing this, do it. That’s all I have to say. Your insides will be smiling, no joke. It’s absolutely amazing.

Liquid Sunshine. ©LaurenBurkitt

Thanks for reading and enjoy your food crazy sexy friends! Love you all.

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