7 Tips to Keeping a Fitness Routine.


I jump on and off the fitness wagon all the time. I love trying out new things and meeting friends for a game of tennis or a good long walk. I have never been able to keep a gym membership longer than a few months though. I always end up getting bored and giving the gym my money each month just for fun. I have a tendency to dive into something full on and then end up burning out or getting behind in other areas of life and having to give it up. This summer I’ve been trying to find a balanced way to include fitness into my routine and stay motivated enough to keep it there. I’ve listed a few things that have really helped me with this below…


#1 – Buy some workout gear. Whether it’s a new pair of trainers or a new workout top, sometimes all it takes is new gear to boost confidence and rev up your motivation. I used to wear a baggy old t-shirt and saggy-bum leggings to workout in because I didn’t want to spend the money on workout gear (probably because it was something I rarely used…) but after investing in a couple of antimicrobial-sweat-wicking-super-duper-fabric tops, I’m actually excited to get dressed for my workout. As nerdy as it sounds, it also makes me feel more like I know what I’m doing.

#2 – Partner up! My Dad and I just got FitBits about a month ago and having someone to hold me accountable is a big motivation booster. My Dad is kicking my butt in the weekly step count so it really pushes me to take the stairs, walk the long route home, and go for that run I’m too tired for.

#3 – Get a playlist that makes you want to dance your butt off. This will make exercising easier and more enjoyable. I like to create playlists that are specific to my workout. If I’m going on a jog I know I will start to get bored at around the 15-20 minute mark so I put my most motivational pump-up songs at that point to keep my energy levels high. The only downside to this is that I usually end up wanting to dance so badly that I start dance-running and it’s really awkward looking. I also like using apps like 8-tracks to get free playlists when I don’t have time to research new music.

#4 – Figure out what you like and don’t worry about the rest. If you hate running, then don’t run. There are so many ways to exercise and you are bound to enjoy at least some of them. Try a group fitness class. I’m a huge Jazzercise fan myself. It’s something I can do with a smile on my face for a full hour and still feel like I got my butt kicked at the end of class. That’s really important to me. If I’m not having fun, I won’t push myself as hard and I won’t get a great workout. If you can’t afford that pricey yoga pass, turn to the internet. Try something like Blogilates. Cassey is hilarious, I absolutely love her!

#5 – If you need to wear waterproof mascara to go on your run so be it. I know that after an hour of working out my face is going to be a not-so-lovely shade of red and my hair is going to be crazy. I don’t usually feel the best when I run into people looking like this. Pop on some lip chap, put on a hat, or even wear a little bit of waterproof mascara if it makes you feel more confident running on the seawall next to those runners who somehow manage to look like they’re on the cover of Runner’s World Magazine.

#6 – Track your progress. I love using apps on my iPhone to help me stay on track of my goals, but you don’t need to use technology to track your progress. Even keeping a journal about what type of foods you eat throughout the day and how that impacts your energy levels and sleep patterns is a good start. Or how your mood is before/during/after your workout and how these feelings change as the weeks go on.

#7 – Find your motivation. This might mean doing something crazy like registering for a half marathon. This will give you something to work towards. I like to use photos and quotes and all that cheesy stuff for motivation. Pinterest is great for this. Find some healthy recipes you can treat yourself with and motivational people to follow. I will often write an inspirational quote on my bathroom mirror to remind myself that I too have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce (hahhhh…..).

I hope these tips help you sneak fitness into your daily or weekly routine. Let me know what your favourite workouts are. What are your fitness motivators? I’d love to know!