This space is dedicated to vibrant smoothie recipes, solo travel guides, holistic skincare advice, and spiritual psychology.

I’ve been involved in several aspects of the holistic skincare industry, from working at a boutique Ayurvedic Spa on Vancouver Island to managing the most delicious Hawaiian skincare brand on the North Shore of Kauai, and reviewing products online from natural skincare companies all over the globe. The ritual of cleansing the skin is something I’ve always enjoyed. My skin is the first to tell me when something is wrong, its pretty amazing how much it can teach us if we’re willing to listen. Take the time, spend the extra 5 minutes, healthy skin is super sexy.

Along with nutrition and beauty, a happy heart and balanced mind are two areas I’ve focused a lot of my work on. After completing my degree in Psychology I decided to dive deep into the healing work of meditation, manifestation, yoga, and several other practices that promote self worth, healthy hormones, and good vibes. Spa visits and dance classes are the best kind of medicine and I will never underestimate the importance of sunshine and gelato.

Queen's Bath, Kauai

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Each of us are on our own unique journey, learning from our own experiences and figuring out what works best for us. I encourage you to be curious about what resonates with you, we are all our own best teachers. What’s magic for me might not be magic for you.

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