Anastasia Brow Powder Duo & Clear Brow Gel.

Anastasia Beverly Hills.

With the whole Cara Delevingne eyebrow trend these days, I’ve become a little obsessed with trying to grow-out my brows.  However, my fine hair will never let me have Cara’s perfect brows so I have to rely on a few products to enhance the look and shape of my eyebrows. I was a little nervous to start using brow products because I want to keep a really nature look (nothing drawn on). I started with a basic brow pencil but I recently bought the Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in medium-brown and the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel from Sephora. I am so happy with these products! They are easy enough for a brow-newbie like me to use and create a beautiful natural look.

The brow powder duo is a lightweight, smudge-proof formula that comes in two shades to create a sheer to medium coverage. Using an angled brush apply the darker colour to any sparse areas of the brow (focusing mainly on the arch and the tail end). You can use the darker shade on the whole brow but I like to use the lighter colour to fill in the starting end (part closest to the nose) because it gives a more gentle and naturally blended colour. After you have your shape filled in you can dust over the full brow with the lighter colour and comb through the brow to soften the effect if needed. Using a powder is so much easier than I thought! It takes a little bit longer than using a pencil, but it looks much more natural than a pencil and it lasts better throughout the day.

The clear brow gel is an amazing product, I am in love. I really like using it to set and define my brows after using the powder. This unique chamomile formula is very light (doesn’t leave a crispy hairspray finish) and it conditions the hair leaving a very natural brow look. You could definitely wear the clear brow gel on it’s own, I think I’ll be doing that a lot this summer! Throw that and a lipgloss in your beach bag and you’ll be set for a day of swimming.

Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is an all-eyebrow beauty line created by Anastasia Soare. Soare grew up in Romania and apprenticed in her family’s tailoring shop where she learned about the importance of proportion as it related to beauty. She trained professionally as an aesthetician and opened her own studio after her unique method of shaping eyebrows became well known among prestigious salons all over Beverly Hills. The mission of her brow line is to recreate the professional beauty experience at home while bringing balance and proportion to enhance women’s natural beauty. I love the packaging of these products, they’re clean and chic. The prices are really reasonable considering they will last a long time. I’m very happy with the quality of these products and I’ve already got my eye on a few other items from the Anastasia collection! Great brand, highly recommended.

Clear Brow Gel: $29.00
Brow Powder Duo: $30.00

Happy Tuesday!