But Once A Year.

Joy. ©Lauren Burkitt

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you! I hope everyone was able to share some laughs with those they love and find peace in this busy time of year. Whether it’s baking gingerbread, knitting scarves, or stuffing a turkey, find something you enjoy about the holidays and let it become meditative so your ‘to-do list’ doesn’t seem endless.

My holiday ritual is making Christmas cards. I usually start browsing through the holiday cards in stores late November for ideas and inspirations. Once I decide on my favourite designs I pick a night when I can relax, get out the art supplies, and turn on a good holiday movie. This year I made holly-wreath cards for the more traditional and Rudolph taxidermy cards for the (shall we say) less traditional. This was a lot of fun and I think everyone was thrilled to get a hand made card for Christmas.

Christmas Card 2012. ©Lauren Burkitt

Holly Wreath. ©LaurenBurkitt

I was very lucky to go home and spend Christmas Eve with the family this year. Vancouver Island was covered in white when we woke up Christmas morning. I felt very grateful to be around familiar faces, fill my plate with turkey, and have absolutely no where else to be. I haven’t been to my grandparents house for Christmas in many years and I forgot how exciting it is to see the decorations around the house that I used to see as a child.

There are a few traditions in our family that make the holidays really special to me. Dad wears a ‘Grinch who stole Christmas’ earring, Kent and I open one present on Christmas Eve which is always a holiday movie to watch together before going to bed (this year it was Love Actually), scratch and wins are hidden under all the dinner plates on Christmas night to scratch after eating pumpkin pie, and on Boxing Day we watch the first game of the IIHF World Junior Championships. With the NHL lockout this year, it’s even more of a treat to have the Juniors tournament. But traditions aside, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without enjoying a little too much holiday baking thanks to Nana and her peanut butter rice crispy squares…


Royal Albert. Poinsettia Collection. Made in England.

Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas! See you in the New Year.