Gold Eyebrows.

gold eyebrows

Via Elle.

gold eyebrows

Via Dior.

I can’t stop thinking about the gold eyebrows from the Dior Spring 2014 show. I absolutely love them. Since the rest of the makeup used for this look is so subtle, it almost makes the gold eyebrows look more acceptable or normal. Maybe that’s just me trying to justify how I can try and attempt to pull these off…? What do you think, would you ever give gold eyebrows a try?

If you’re interested, check out this tutorial by Refinery 29 for a DIY version of the Dior gold eyebrows. Flare Magazine also did a metallic rose gold version that’s pretty cool. They call the gold eyebrows the “new summer accessory.” I think I’m going to give this look a try for fun sometime. I’ll be sure to share some photos when I do.

Happy Tuesday!