Holiday Cheer + Unravelling the Year Ahead: 2014.


Happy 2014 to everyone. I hope you all got to enjoy some time with family, eat good food, and celebrate the end of another year. The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of visiting, grocery shopping, working, eating, travelling, etc. I’m always surprised at the amount we can all accomplish in the last few weeks of the year. Can you imagine if the whole year were like this? Travelling here, there, and everywhere to reconnect with those we care about, cooking a feast to feed the entire family, and somehow still having time to enjoy a glass of eggnog at the end of it all. This is the main reason I love the holidays so much. It’s the perfect way to wrap up the year. Spending time around people you care about is such a good way to recharge and reset for the year ahead.

What sort of rituals do you have for New Years? A cleanse, a polar bear swim, a list of resolutions? I like to play music that reminds me of specific parts in the year and dance around the living room shaking off anything I don’t want to bring forward with me. I also like to set aside an afternoon to complete Susannah Conway’s Unravelling the Year Ahead journalling workbook. I posted a link to this last year and I want to share her newest version again this year. Now that the parties are over and the extended family has started to head home, try to find at least a few hours to yourself to let go of 2013 and make some room for all the new beginnings 2014 has to offer. It’s the best little investment you can make in yourself to start the year, I promise.

photoThank you all for a wonderful year! I survived through my first year of blogging and I owe it all to you.

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Happy 2014 everyone. Thank you so much for reading.