Holiday Gift Guide 2016: For the Girls.

Holiday Gift Guide 2016: For the Girls.

I haven’t posted on the blog much this year, but I wasn’t about to miss one of my favourite
annual posts. The 2016 Holiday Gift Guide is here! First up, the girls. There’s something
on here for all of the incredible women in your life.

Natural linen multicolour moon runner.
For your sister who decided to host the family dinner this year.

Hand-sewn linen tea towels.
For your Mother’s newly renovated kitchen.

Don’t Stress Meowt Enamel Pin.
For your quirky cousin who floods your Facebook feed with photos of her cat.

Floracopeia Bear Fruit Flower Essence.
For your soul sister who burns palo santo and calls you on the new moon.

Leah Alexandra’s Aura Moonstone Ring.
For your best friend who always says it like it is and knows exactly when to bring chocolate.

Leahlani Skincare’s Bless Beauty Balm.
For the secret santa you don’t know enough about. Because this balm is perfect for everyone!

Watercolour world map passport holder.
For your niece who never stays in one place but always stays in touch.

The Tangle Teezer.
The perfect stocking stuffer for any girl with hair.

Pure copper water bottle.
For your coworker who likes to ‘borrow’ your favourite mug. Copper is the new glass when it comes to water bottles.

Decorative throw pillows.
For your girlfriend’s mom who treats you like one of her own.

Art Prints.
For your funky Aunt who always has the best bottles of red wine.

In the Company of Women.
For your #Girlboss who runs her own show by working crazy hours and somehow makes it look easy.

Moon Juice Moon Dusts.
For your brother’s girlfriend who frequents the local juice bars and always has the best superfood snacks.

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