Living Room Yoga Practice.

living room yoga

I’ve finally got around to doing some yoga videos on YouTube over the past few weeks and I’m fully addicted now. It’s kind of crazy to think that we live in a world where our teachers are readily available to us at any time of day to guide us through whatever style of practice we feel like. I’ve linked a few videos below that I’ve been enjoying. Make some room in your living room and get crazy!

Morning Yoga Sequence with Stephanie. This is a really quick video for mornings when you feel like you don’t have enough time to commit to a yoga practice. Trust me, you have just enough time to do a few flows. It’s a very simple but effective sequence, I love it!

One of my favourite online yoga instructors is Adrienne. She has a very gentle approach and so many classes to choose from. She’s made one for every occasion/personality/ailment/etc. I was really nervous to start up my yoga practise again since I let it go for so long. I don’t feel rushed or pushed in her videos, but she still gives a great work out and there are always ways to modify the class to make it easier or harder. She has put together a 30 Day Challenge that is a wonderful place to start. I did Day 1 for like 8 days in a row. Listen to your body and do whatever feels good.

Digestion Flow Sequence with Adrienne. This is a great sequence that gives all the internal organs a really good massage, leaving you fresh and glowing! Talk about the #yogaglow.

Bedtime Yoga Sequence with Adrienne. I was having some trouble falling asleep so I initially started YouTube yoga with this video. You’ll sleep like a baby after this one! It’s the perfect way to end your day.

For any of you core junkies, Meghan Currie is the queen of core and an incredibly knowledgable teacher. She makes the most inspirational time-lapse videos of her own practise. Although these aren’t something that you can follow along with, her moves will give you a serious kick of inspiration! A few years ago I got to work with her at YYoga in Vancouver. I miss her juicy and creative classes, she has such unique choreography and extensive core knowledge. Her Core Yoga Intelligence Class is a great place to start. This isn’t a fast moving class but she introduces some techniques that you’ll take with you for the rest of your practice. Listen wisely.

Tara Stiles is another awesome and inspirational resource. Her Weight Loss Flow is a challenging class I’m hoping to work my way up to. This is definitely a more advanced class but her channel has great classes for all levels!

Do you have any favourite YouTube yoga videos? Do tell!
[Photo via The Everygirl]