Once In a Blue Moon.

Lunar Abundance Calendar.

This month began with a full moon on July 1st and tomorrow it will be ending the same way which means we’re getting a blue moon! A full moon happens when the sun, earth and moon line up in that order, and the sun’s light shines directly onto the moon. It is also a time when the lunar energy is at its most intense. A blue moon refers to the second full moon that happens in a month. This occurrence only happens every 3 years or so. Our last blue moon was back in August of 2012, can you think of any significant life changes leading up to that time or any big decisions made shortly after? The full moons of July have been the bookends to a very transitional month. You may have been feeling extra anxious or noticing that you’re questioning things more lately. The blue moon challenges us by allowing us to see ourselves and others in a brand new light. We’re on the edge of our seats and ready for new opportunities that are guaranteed to lie ahead (if you haven’t already come across them in the last few weeks). This is a time of release that creates an opening for infinite possibilities. Take a moment today to release whatever is holding you back from creating an even more abundant and loving life for yourself. Remember, the universe won’t bring you anything you aren’t ready for so if you’ve been presented with a once in a blue moon opportunity, now is your chance to take it. Our next blue moon won’t be until 2018.

To follow the moon phases you can download Ezzie’s lunar abundance calendar (shown above) here.