So long, Summer.

Coco and Mingo.

Despite the fact that Fall doesn’t actually start until September 22nd, I’m welcoming it today. Happy September everybody!

Here are 7 reasons why Fall is my favourite season of the year.

1| The whole fashion industry is so exciting and inspiring at this time of year. The boots, the oversized coats, the berry lipsticks. Oh, the berry lipsticks.

2| I love the cool nights and the warm coloured trees that make the mornings golden.

3| Fall always feels like a fresh start. New beginnings and opportunities are everywhere!

4| The flavours of Fall are some of my favourites. Potato leek soups, roasted apples, butternut squash with cinnamon, and pumpkin spiced everything.

5| My favourite shows are back on TV. I love cozying up with tea and a blanket to watch a little Thursday night Television.

6| I have a closet filled with scarves and this is the best time of year to wear them all.

7| Halloween!

What’s your favourite thing about Fall? Share your #autumnappreciation below!

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[Image via Coco and Mingo]