The Liebster Award.

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I have been nominated by Deasia Nichelle of Nichellexoxo and Angela Angeline of Chocolate & Lipstick for the Liebster Award. This is an award for bloggers who are still under the radar (less than 200 followers) but deserve to be noticed. It’s a great way to get to know your fellow bloggers and help spread the love. What a nice idea, thank you so much Nichelle and Angela!

1. Each person must post 10 things about themselves (anything!).
2. They must also answer the 10 questions that the nominator has set, plus create 10 questions for the people they choose to nominate. [Since I had two sets of questions to chose from, I picked my favourites and mixed them together.]
3. Choose 10 people to nominate and link them in your post. Also mention and link the person who nominated you.
4. Go to their sites/blogs and tell them they’ve been nominated!

– I love all things coconut.
– I studied in Florence, Italy for a short semester in University.
– I have curly hair but always wear it straight.
– I want to read more books. I have a huge stack on my nightstand to remind myself of this but I still haven’t made it past the first few chapters of one yet.
– I love Parisian macarons. Like sincerely and utterly adore them.
– I tap danced for 11 years.
– I like watching tennis and hockey every now and then.
– I like learning about stress and anxiety. These are two things I struggle with.
– I collect old English china. One day I would like to own a full set of china with no two pieces originating from the same collection (each piece with a separate pattern).
– Guilty pleasures: Gossip Girl, Celine Dion, Jazzercise, and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

1| How long did you think about starting your blog before actually diving in and starting it?
– A long time. I used to write little ideas and articles down on scrap pieces of paper and file them away with torn out magazine photos and Ikea catalogue pages that inspired me. Whenever I heard or saw something that I wanted to research or look into I would jot it down or add it to my list of topics. Then the random notebooks and post-its turned into a huge collection of editorial style diary entries and I needed a place where I could record them and be able to reference back to them in the future. A blog seemed like the most practical option.

To be honest, this is actually the third blog I’ve written. I started one way back in high school and used it mainly to post pretty pictures of places I wanted to see and dresses I wanted to own. I also liked to rant about how everyone should be vegan. Yeah, that didn’t last too long. My second blog was a collaboration with a past boyfriend. We were both working in the food industry and started to create a lot of our own recipes at home. We started the blog to share these and other recipes from well known cook books. The Fig’s Heart started in 2012 and it’s been my home away from home ever since!

2| What has been your favourite post thus far?
– Oh dear, I’m not sure. I guess my running shoe pledge because it was sort of the start of it all, or my french cooking playlist because I still listen to it from time to time.

3| Scarves or sunglasses?
– I definitely own more scarves than anything else in my closet. I love wearing them, I think they are so flattering.

4| Favourite colour to wear?
– I wear a LOT of black. I love wearing black. If I’m going to wear a colour though I usually pick something like emerald green, a creamy praline, or a minty pastel.

5| Do you have a ritual before, during and after you blog?
– Totally! I usually start by catching up on my Bloglovin, Pinterest, and Youtube news feeds first. This gets me in the “zone” and up to date with what’s going on in the blogging world. When I’m dedicating an afternoon to writing a few posts or researching for ideas, I usually have my desk full of magazine cutouts and blank paper to doodle on, as well as about 20 tabs open on my computer to reference back to. After I write something I always let it sit for the night and then come back to it the next day before finalizing it.

6| How do you network your blog?
– Pinterest and Instagram are probably the two biggest social media tools I use. I never got into the Twitter thing, but I hear that’s a good one too. I read a TON of blogs daily and always make sure to comment on posts that I enjoy reading. Being present in the blog world is really important, especially if you are just starting to build a following. Word of mouth is also a really powerful promoter. I like connecting with local business owners and other creative individuals in the area. It’s always a win-win.

7| If you could travel anywhere in the world for free, where would you go?
– I haven’t been to NYC yet so that’s up at the top of my list. I’ve been wanting to go back to Italy ever since I went there in 2011. I would also love to spend some time exploring Bali and India.

8| What is your favourite store/website to buy your beauty products?
– I don’t have one specific spot. I like different places for different products. Sephora is amazing for giving samples (which is key for a beauty blooger!). Shoppers Drug Mart has great deals and a really good collection of French Pharmacie brands that aren’t sold anywhere else. The beauty counters at The Bay are great for doing full makeup applications with a minimum product purchase (which is great for special occasions or to try new looks/products).

9|  What is your favourite old song that you could bust out singing anytime?
– I am honestly so happy that I grew up in the 90s. I couldn’t imagine being a teenager without The Backstreet Boys and The Spice Girls. Give me any old pop song from the 90s and I’ll sing you every word!

10| What is your current profession/dream job?
– I work full-time as a banker and part-time as a stylist for a clothing store. One day I would love to say “I’m a Blogger & Editorial Stylist for [insert some fancy magazine].”

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-Why did you start blogging?
-Where do you get inspiration from?
-What has been your favourite post so far?
-How do you balance your blog/work/personal life ?
-Name something you like about yourself.
-What’s your dream job?
-What’s the beauty/skincare product you can’t live without?
-If you could travel anywhere for a month where would you go?
-What’s your favourite thing to do to relax?
-What Disney princess are you?

Thank you again to Deasia Nichelle and Angela Angeline. Hope you enjoyed learning a little something about me. Happy Blogging!