Trees, Trucks, and Strawberries.

I’ve been a little behind on posting lately. Things have been busy around here for sure, but that’s not the real reason. My excuse for not staying inside to write is the same excuse every other person living in Vancouver is using right now: sunshine. Four full days in a row, and with the sunshine came three other things I love…

1. Magnolia Tress. There is a beautiful magnolia tree that I walk by on my way to work everyday. This week it bloomed. Just on schedule, the first official week of spring. The whole street looks different because of this tree. The flowers are vibrant pink and the size of cantaloupes, no joke! I stopped and starred at these pom-poms in the sky for ages when I first noticed it. Then I told everyone I know to go and look at it while it lasts. Spring snuck up so fast this year, it’s surprising what a few days of sun and a street full of blossoming trees can do to your mood.

Magnolia Tree. ©LaurenBurkitt

Rose Bush. ©LaurenBurkitt

2. Food trucks. When I saw the lineups for food trucks this week, I smiled. Where did all these people come from? The streets of Vancouver have been quiet through all the rain, but when the city realized it was spring, everyone came out to celebrate. One of my favourite things about spring is being able to eat outside again. I love eating outside. My favourite spot is the cafe on top of the Art Gallery. I feel like this place is a well kept secret of the city, but I will pass the information along to you. The patio here is filled with greenery and classical music is played at all times, I feel like I’m sitting in a backyard in France. The food trucks downtown are another great way to eat outdoors this time of year. The thought of food from a truck would normally freak me right out, but there are some real gems out there that use local ingredients and make really delicious food. TacoFino & The Juice Truck are two of my favourites!

The Juice Truck. ©LaurenBurkitt

3. StrawberriesWho doesn’t love strawberries? They’re so happy looking. I bought my first batch of fresh strawberries this week and my nail polish happened to match, so I had to take some photos to share with you. Spring is definitely here when strawberry season is here. Joy the Baker even wrote a post on her blog about strawberries this week and she has a ton of delicious recipes. Everything from pies and cakes to jams and even ice cubes, she’s mastered the strawberry. Check out her post here. This photogenic berry has arrived my friends, happy spring!

Strawberries. ©LaurenBurkitt

Strawberries. ©LaurenBurkitt

Thanks for reading.

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone. Happy Easter!