Weekend Reading.


What are you up to this weekend? Any plans? Sorry it’s been quiet around here this week, things have been a little crazy. I’m off for the weekend though and hoping to catch up with a couple of friends. Have a nice weekend! Here are a few links from around the web to enjoy with your morning coffee…

Peach and avocado summer rolls | Tomato and feta guacamole | Peanut soba noodles with edamame and kale.

The solution to your cold butter on bread problems.

Beach day outfit inspiration.

Quiz: Are you addicted to your smartphone? I scored embarrassingly high on this.

Why you should never let your hairdresser cut your hair wet again.

20 failed panoramic shots that somehow turned into surrealist art. Made me laugh!

The hardest part of travelling no one talks about.

How to get along with a difficult coworker.

Latest nail trend: the negative space manicure.

Design: a gorgeous West Village townhouse.

How to make your anger divine.

Have a nice weekend!
[Photo via StrawberryKoi]