Weekend Reading.

Weekend Reading | The Fig's Heart

What are you up to this weekend? Any plans? I’m on the hunt for a good matcha latte in Victoria today, any suggestions? It’s been a busy and exciting week around here so I’m looking forward to a Saturday without plans. I met up with a few local bloggers for dinner on Thursday and had such a great time getting to know these lovely ladies (Tan, Laura, Reb, & Laura). Tan just opened her paper goods boutique on Etsy. It’s gorgeous, she is so talented. She kindly gave me her ruby print since it’s my birthstone and I love it, so pretty! Have a delightful weekend everyone and here are a few links from around the web to enjoy with your morning coffee…

Celery root purée with toasted hazelnuts | Winter pasta salad (via Gabrielle) |  Chia-spiced banana smoothie.

So much talk about gluten-free meals, but what is gluten?

6 steps to a closet makeover. | Club Monaco & J.Crew are having 30% off all sale items this weekend!

Get ready for a party in 5 minutes.

Are you stealing your partner’s personality?

This video made me laugh so hard.

Would you ever go on this roller coaster? Oh my!

The twist and pull apart pony tail.

Design: colourful clawfoot tubs | a dreamy NYC apartment | 5 things you should always pick up at the flea market.

12 words you might be getting wrong.

Have a delightful weekend!
[Photo via Grease and Glamour]