Weekend Reading.

Weekend Reading | The Fig's Heart.

It feels like it’s been a long time. How are you!? How has the start of 2015 been so far? Do you have any big resolutions/goals/dreams for this year? I’m such a sucker for the ‘fresh start’ feeling and January is all about that for me. De-cluttering my room/desk, visioning what I want to focus on and learn over the next 12 months, picking up some habits I want around, and letting go of some habits I no longer need. I’ve got a great feeling about this year! Have a refreshing weekend everyone and here are a few links from around the web to start the year off…

Some awesome 2015 printable calendars.

Printable 2015 resolutions list.

Check out this moon calendar.

What do you think about Marsala for 2015? I really like it.


If you’re looking for a January detox:

The foolproof way to make a detox meal.

The latest health-craze I could get into: bone broth.

Carline’s opinion on detox beauty products. She kills me!

The winter weekend cleanse. I’m doing this one!

Shit juicers say. I had to.


If you’re looking for a fresh start:

Is your dream big enough?

Love your way to the top.

Have you done the Unravelling 2015 workbook yet? You really should.

Practise self compassion and love your body no matter what the shape.

13 quotes from artists that will inspire you to create.


Have a refreshing weekend! 2015 is your year to shine!
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