Weekend Reading.

Weekend Reading | The Fig's Heart.

It’s the first official weekend of Spring! What are you up to? Any plans? I’m going to be super cliché and do some serious Spring cleaning. So many people have been writing and posting about simple living lately and I feel like it’s the perfect time to do just that. Have a beautiful weekend everyone. Here are a few fresh and inspiring links from around the web to enjoy with your morning coffee…

A good friend of mine is doing the Trek Towards a Cure this year and raising money for breast cancer research. This is something that’s really close to home for both of us and I’m reaching out to all of you to help support her. Sam is a huge inspiration to me, it would mean a lot if you could contribute even a small amount to help her reach her goal! Find her donation page here.

Winter rainbow panzanella | Sweet potato brownies (these are popping up everywhere!!) |  Green tea lime pie smoothie bowl | Kale salad with avocado tahini sauce.

Eat seasonally + free printable Spring produce list!

Would you notice Uncle Jesse if you were outside the Full House house? Ummm, yes!

Miniature baby chameleons. You’re welcome.

5 beautiful blog templates under £20.

Beauty: Activated charcoal products | Annie’s tips to prevent puffy eyes.

Paris Runway Inspiration: Valentino | Miu Miu | Zoolander 2!

Google Feud. This is addicting!

I have been absolutely loving these morning yoga videos. Thanks Catherine!

A whimsical home in Nashville…swoon.

Wonderful Women: This 96 year old yoga teacher makes me want to drop everything and do yoga. | How I learned to live in my body– Susannah shares her struggles and teaches what she’s learned. | Joanna’s very valid question: Do or Don’t- Grey Hair?

Have a beautiful weekend!
[Photo via Carin Olsson]