Happy Thanksgiving + Weekend Reading.

Happy Thanksgiving + Weekend Reading | The Fig's Heart.

What are you up to this weekend? Any plans? Happy Thanksgiving to my lovely Canadian readers! How many of you are having a big family dinner? I’ll be staying in town this weekend and helping out with an exciting event. I get to meet Deepak Chopra tonight! Have you ever done any of his meditations? I’m really looking forward to listening to his presentation and being around his peaceful energy. Have a heartwarming weekend everyone! Here are a few links from around the web to enjoy with your pumpkin spiced lattes…

Royal pesto (!!) with avocado bread (!!) | Raw matcha macaroons | Hormone-balancing superfood hot chocolate | Quinoa and potato hash with ratatouille.

A modern guide to Thanksgiving etiquette.

What does enough really look like?

The truth behind Instagram photos.

OMG the most beautiful lamp in the whole world.

Someone loves your body.

I’ve been trying to adopt some of these morning meditation rituals into my day.

9 Fall fashion trends. Yay or nay? | 5 alterations you didn’t know your tailor could do.

Wink, wink. These ceramics have my heart.

Made me laugh.

Beauty: DIY carrot-coconut hair mask | The masquerade ball of face masks | Natural brands like Herbivore Botanics are now sold at Sephora (go green beauty!) | The nouveau way to use dry shampoo.

How to protect your energy in this world.

Have a heartwarming weekend!
[Photo via Nicole Franzen]