Weekend Reading | January.

What are you up to this weekend? It’s been quite a start to the year. A month full of emotions really. I touched on the women’s march in my last post. Today I’m going to keep it a little lighter. I used to do these ‘Weekend Reading’ posts every Saturday morning but for 2017 I’m just going to post one a month (the last weekend of every month). This way I can share what I’ve been up to and what I’ve been loving for the past few weeks.

I chose the word play for 2017. January has been all about reconnecting with this in a way that feels good. For me that’s simple, dance! It’s been quite a few years so I’m pretty rusty, but SO excited to get back in the groove! I’ve taken a tap and hip-hop class here on Kauai in the last two weeks, shipped my old dance shoes from Canada, and found some awesome YouTube accounts to jam out to in the living room. How did I go so long without this in my life? I hope you’re all finding a way to bring joy into your life this year, it is especially important when so many heavy things are happening around the world. Have a spectacular weekend! Here are a few links from around the web to enjoy with your morning coffee…

Creamy toasted coconut milk (!!) | The ultimate Winter-bliss bowl | Kale caesar salad with maple pepper tempeh | Sleep-well banana tea | 4 quick ways to lunch like a Parisienne.

Friday marked the official start to the Year of The Fire Rooster. Bye, bye monkey!

How to make powerful connections with people that inspire you.

Craigslist missed connections haha (for parents!) -via Cup of Jo.

Vacation destinations you can visit alone to rejuvenate in 2017. Yes please.

A french bra trick | Have you tried anything from @WearLively? I love their bralettes.

4 crazy-sounding natural beauty products that actually work. Interested to try these…

Have you ever done The Fitness Marshall‘s dance videos on YouTube? I’m OBSESSED! It’s my favourite discovery so far this year. Basically he teaches you the moves to be a badass backup dancer and you get an awesome workout out of it (especially when pretending you’re an international superstar and giving it 200%).

Because I’m forcing myself to go on dates this year: Conscious dating.

Have a spectacular weekend!
[Photo via @chriscreature]