Weekend Reading | February.

It’s the end of February! I always love this sweet little month. This year I hosted a Galentine’s Day party with @HeyHaliMae. She’s the greatest and it was so nice to have a bunch of girls together doing creative things! Tomorrow evening for the Oscar Awards we’re putting together another gathering. It may or may not involve a 7 foot gold glittered oscar award trophy that Hali and I made out of cardboard. Totally worth it for the Instagram photos we’ll be getting out of that! Have you seen any of the movies up for Best Picture this year? I thoroughly loved ‘Lion’ and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack of ‘La La Land’ on repeat ever since watching it! Have a lovely weekend everyone! Here are some Valentine-inspired links from around the web to enjoy with your morning coffee…

This cardamom-rose latte looks divine | Unicorn toast is real life! | Pink sushi for me, obviously | The most beautiful avocado ever | Cotton candy champagne cocktails (!!).

Love this article Liz wrote for Talk Story: How adaptogens can help boost your health and make your skin glow.

Flower power: Floral tinctures for 6 ailments. I’m a big fan of Sara Crowe and her floral essences. Very exciting to see her featured on Goop!

Take me there: NYC’s prettiest restaurants.

February is chocolate month right?: Freaky Health chocolate | Alchemical chocolate guide (!!).

Inspirational books that will actually change your life.

Sparking water facial treatment…I might have to try this tonight!

Lena Dunham does yoga. I’m a fan of Lena and a fan of yoga, loved this little video series.

We will be playing Oscar Bingo tomorrow night and filling out these beautiful Oscar Ballots!

Girl to Girl: A Q&A between best friends.

Have a lovely weekend!
[Floral installation photo via Rebecca Louise Law]