Weekend Reading | May.

It’s June people! What have you been up to for the past couple months? Unicorns had their time in the Starbucks spotlight, I’m becoming more and more obsessed with podcasts by the day, the plumeria trees are blossoming like crazy and filling the air with the sweetest scent ever, and I’m addicted to kombucha and lychee now. It’s been a beautiful Spring on Kauai this year, I’ve even been out surfing a couple times thanks to my girl Hali! Opportunities are arising and Summer is just around the corner. Tell me what you’re up to these days. Any big plans for the month? Have a refreshing weekend everyone! Here are a few fun links from around the web to enjoy with your morning coffee…

Sunshine mung bean spread with gluten-free za’atar flatbread | Sweet potato noodles with garlic and kale | Lychee Thai Basil Limeade | Double chocolate chunk sunbutter cookies.

Wedding season is upon us. Here are 16 dresses to wear as a guest to a wedding this summer.

Any tennis fans? The Roland Garros French Open is on right now. I’ve been keeping up to date with The Tennis Podcast. Catherine Whitaker is such a good host.

Other podcasts I’m loving: Modern Love, One Part Plant, & How I Built This.

It was the series finale of Girls last month, sad times. Here’s a goodbye post from Man Repeller. Master of None Season 2 came and went really quickly. I liked it! Makes me long for Italy and say “allora” at random times throughout the day.

Adulthood is emailing ‘sorry for the delayed response!‘ back and forth until one of you dies.’ Lol.

We can all read more books. Loved this, great advice.

Design: How it-girls display their beauty products | Soothing spaces | DIY cushion headboard (!!).

Get your feet sandal ready with this piña colado foot spa.

Better than a horoscope: What your colorstrology profile says about you. Cool!

3 Older Women on What Aging is Really Like.

Have a refreshing weekend!
[Photo via Design Love Fest]