Weekend Reading | June.

It’s officially Summer! What are you loving right now? What’s happened this month? Coconut oil officially lost it’s street credit, never thought I would see that day. OITNB Season 5 launched on Netflix, only took me a few days to binge watch the entire season. Thoughts? I loved it. I’ve been reading a little more, in addition to keeping up with podcasts. My favourite book this month: The Glass Castle. Go, read, now! June was full of birthdays, beach days, and cold brew coffee. The weather is getting really warm on Kauai, it’s going to be a gorgeous Summer. July is my favourite month of the year so I’m looking forward to the next few weeks! Have a fabulous weekend everyone and here are some links from around the web to enjoy with your morning coffee…

Cucumber mango miso noodle bowls | Kale watermelon salad | Dairy-free golden milk fudgesicles (!!) | Fermented beets with cumin and basil.

Check out Jessica Keala’s new online shop and download her gorgeous calligraphy worksheets. She did an incredible job on these and they’re free!

What I didn’t expect from watching Wonder Woman. Loved this article. Marvel movies aren’t typically my genre (at all) but Wonder Woman got to me.

Man Repeller Fashion: Will you wear a skort this Summer? | Dirty Dancing Summer fashion sense! Yes.

Design: I’m feeling the turquoise right now | Sometimes I think I’m a minimalist and then I see this maximalist Parisian boutique hotel and fall in love | This shower.

The weekend always flies by way too fast. Try something new to make it last longer!

Love this artwork inspired by In The Company of Women.

Reading about this simple and kind gesture left me smiling.

Could travelling really make you more employable? I’d like to believe it!

Do not light my expensive candles, ever! This made me laugh so hard. (Link via Cup of Jo)

Have a fabulous weekend!
[Photo via Paris in Four Months]