Weekend Reading.


What are you up to this weekend? I have to wish one of my bestest friends a Happy Birthday. Rhea, the cat is wearing a pineapple party hat for you. Happy Birthday Miss! I also have to tell you that it was opening night for
The Grand Budapest Hotel here in Victoria, finally. Oh my gosh, he’s done it again! You have got to see this movie if you haven’t already. I will definitely be seeing it once more before it leaves theatres. I always find myself visioning the world around me in centre framing and pastel colours after I watch Wes Anderson films. I love it. Nothing is planned for today so I’m looking forward to catching up on chores and relaxing a little. Tomorrow I’m getting a facial with the wonderful Blair at Sapphire Day Spa. Have a fun weekend everyone and here are a few links from around the web to enjoy with your morning coffee…

Mermaid beachy hair tutorial.

How to send a hug in the mail.

Kale, coconut, and white bean tostadas. Oh yes!

If I told you an alcohol commercial made me cry would you believe me?

Bacon scented alarm app for your iPhone.

Why our brains love repetition in music. (Scroll down and listen to the demo, it’s crazy!)

Jewelry exhibit at The Met. Precious Objects exhibit at the Gagosian Gallery.

37 ways to use washi tape!

How does your barista spell your name?

3200 year old tree captured for the first time (via Angeleen).

Cute little matchstick books. (and more here!)

Have a fun weekend!
[Photo via Anabela Piersol]