Weekend Reading | November.

I love November. The season of creativity and connection. A month of exploration, education, rearranging of furniture, and good conversation enjoyed with great meals. I’ve found myself putting more of a priority on creating friendships and connecting with women in the community on a personal level recently. Reading books and listening to podcasts about hormonal health and sexual psychology. Missing the crisp Fall evenings I used to spend in the University library and the convenience of late night yoga classes available only to residents of a busy city. What have you been drawn to lately?

I will be attending my second American Thanksgiving later this month. I’m in charge of bringing dessert, hit me up if you have good recommendations. 2017 really seems to be in a rush to the finish line. I’m hoping to slow down these last two months as much as I can. Have a charming weekend everyone! Here are a few links from around the web to enjoy with your morning coffee…

Cardamom oats with pear + nut butter | Cauliflower parsnip mash | Miso aubergine + bok choy stir fry | Butternut squash, leek, + green apple soup (an old favorite I made again last week) | The best carrot cake (maybe I’ll make this instead of pumpkin pie) | Moon milks.

Lee From America’s guide to meal prep is awesome.

Don’t give meaningless hugs. With the holidays coming up, consciously hug your loved ones. It’s good for you.

Boost your health: 15 minutes on the trampoline | Daydreaming is productive | Spend time in the forest. Speaking of trees, my favorite essential oil right now is this Forest Blend.

Interior Envy: Colorfully Parisian | Carley Page | This Wes Anderson AirBnB | Hart Throb Bar (!!).

Small/easy tips to makeover your bathroom. You spend more time in this room that you might have imagined.

This cardigan sweater.

The best acai bowls on Kauai! Heyo’ to my fave spots.

Practical advice for winning at your side hustle + Share your dreams with these 4 people.

This body scrub is amazing. Also this lip mask.

5 classes to take on Skillshare (for free!). I just finished the ‘Happy Houseplants’, next on my list is a calligraphy class. I’m also looking to check out their macrame classes. Education is so rewarding.

And lastly, have you been following or avoiding your creative thoughts this year? Really ask yourself. Fall is a beautiful time to try something new and shake up the ordinary. Brené Brown says it best: “Unused creativity is not benign and doesn’t just disappear. It lives within us until it’s expressed, neglected to death, or suffocated by resentment and fear.” Find it, follow it, roll with it, just don’t ignore it.

Have a charming weekend!
[Photo via Cup of Jo]