For the love of YARN.

For the love of Yarn!

Yarn is used in the production of textiles, sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, and more. Yarn comes in several forms depending on the fibers used. The most commonly used plant fibers are cotton (cellulose of the cotton plant) and linen (fibers of the flax plant). The most commonly used animal fibers are wool (sheep hair), cashmere (goat hair), and silk (silkworm cocoons). The plant fibers tend to be more durable, but the animal fibers are more warm and cozy. Knitting and crocheting are on my list of skills to learn for 2013 because everything turns out so homey! I love it.

1. Chunky Homemade Cowl. A good friend of mine made this one. I’ve had so many compliments on it, I think she should start a business and sell these! It’s so cozy and easy to wear. She used a very chunky natural wool and extra large knitting needles. It is a basic rectangle shape with one button attached so I can wear it a few different ways. Having the natural wool keeps me so warm, I need to get a matching pair of gloves one day. So awesome, thank you TJ!

2. Dad’s Fisherman Sweater. This classic look has really made a come back. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect fisherman sweater every time I go to the second hand store. These wool sweaters are so warm and comfortable and easy to throw on with a pair of jeans. I like the oversized look, as if you borrowed it from your Dad’s closet. Originally these sweaters were knit by the wives of fishermen with unscoured wool to retain the natural oils of the material. This made the garments water-resistant to kept the fisherman warm and dry during their day at sea. The photo came from the cover of an old pattern, these two know what’s up.

3. Ursula Throw. I love this blanket. It looks like it was made for me, but I actually picked it up from Ikea. I’ve had it on my bed all winter and I love the textured feel it brings to my room. It’s not as soft as the other handmade items, but it’s durable, easy to wash, and reasonably priced. It’s the perfect size to wrap around yourself on cool mornings or to cuddle up on the couch.

4. Granny-Square Hot Water Bottle Cover. I am in love with this. Did you ever think a hot water bottle could look so adorable!? Alexandra Mackenzie from New Zealand makes these amazing “hottie covers”. I bought mine from her shop on Etsy and she even let me pick out the colours of yarn she used to crochet it! She makes lots of other beautiful things, check out her shop here. This would be a great gift, I actually use my hot water bottle more often just so I can bring it out and look at it.

Other ways to enjoy Yarn:
-London Fashion Week 2013: Sister by Sibling. You thought only your grandma wears yarn? Think again, it’s on the runway!
-Check out The Purl Bee. It’s a blog about knitting, crocheting, and sewing. This New York based company has awesome how-to ideas, online classes, and a wonderful shop.
-Take a knitting class at Urban Yarns (Kitsilano), Wool Is Not Enough (Gastown), or Three Bags Full (Main Street). Each of these cute studios offer classes for anyone from beginner to advanced and sell a variety of beautiful yarn/wool.

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