Cœur de pirate.

Cœur de pirate released a new album today and it’s in English! It’s the soundtrack to Quebec’s TV series Trauma, Season 5. The 12 songs on the album are all covers and of course, they sound amazing. I love her voice, it’s so dreamy. If you haven’t listened to her before, she has two amazing French albums… Continue Reading

Coconut whipped cream.

I made pancakes this morning and realized part way through that I had nothing spreadable to put on top of them. No maple syrup, almond butter, agave nectar, or anything! In a minor panic I opened the fridge and found about half a can worth of coconut milk left over from making curry earlier this… Continue Reading

Holiday Gift Guide 2013.

Hello and Happy December! I’m a little late on the gift guide posting (unless you are like me and haven’t finished all your shopping yet!). There have been so many great holiday gift guides posted around the internet this year so I had to get in on that and post one myself. This is a… Continue Reading

A Pledge to Juicing.

 “I pledge to press fresh produce into a glass of juice everyday.” This may have been the greatest pledge of all time. Freshly pressed juice is a luxury. There’s nothing like it. Waking up to the endless flavours of fresh produce was more of a daily reward than a daily commitment for me this month…. Continue Reading

A Pledge to Stretching.

“I pledge to stretch my body everyday.” From a morning yawn stretch in bed, to a yoga class, to a midnight headstand, whatever form it takes, I pledge to stretch out my body for the month of June. There are many scientific and biological reasons to stretch your body. Increasing flexibility and range of motion,… Continue Reading