Earth Day.

I was walking around Whole Foods this morning after a wonderful class with Christie Baumgartner (my fav) and realized it was Earth Day. I don’t know how one traditionally celebrates a day like today, but I decided I was going to celebrate by eating all natural foods from the earth itself. Seems appropriate. As I… Continue Reading

A Pledge to Meditation.

Picture via The Darjeeling Limited.

“I pledge to practice living in the moment.” My third pledge for 2013 was aimed to help me step out of my busy mind, breathe more, think less, and maybe try meditating… Since I work in a yoga studio, meditation isn’t some foreign concept to me, but it’s also not something I regularly practise. Having… Continue Reading

Trees, Trucks, and Strawberries.

Strawberries. ©LaurenBurkitt

I’ve been a little behind on posting lately. Things have been busy around here for sure, but that’s not the real reason. My excuse for not staying inside to write is the same excuse every other person living in Vancouver is using right now: sunshine. Four full days in a row, and with the sunshine… Continue Reading