For the love of MASON JARS.

The Mason jar (also known as the Ball jar or glass canning jar) was invented in 1858 by John Landis Mason to can and preserve food. The jar was made with a shoulder-seal and a zinc screw cap. The top of the glass had a threaded neck which fit the threads in the metal cap to screw… Continue Reading

Vacation Photos: Italy 2011.

“I’d heard how wonderful the food was. How different the tomatoes taste, and how fresh the cheese. But I wasn’t prepared for backyards of oranges, roadsides of arugula, or gardens tucked amidst olive groves. I hadn’t thought of the seafood.” -Nikole Herriott. Italy 2011. These pictures are old, but I still wanted to share them with… Continue Reading

DIY: Honey Face Mask.

Honey. ©LaurenBurkitt

Have you done a honey face mask? They are amazing. I love the sweet aroma of honey, it has such a warm and cozy feeling. Honey is a natural moisturizer and it’s antibacterial properties will fight against skin irritations and blemishes. I use an unpasteurized raw honey for my face masks so my skin can soak up as… Continue Reading

Burning for a Vacation.

Photo via

Have you ever burned incense? I always thought it was a little witch-crafty myself, up until recently. For no reason at all, I started browsing through the different scents and reading the descriptions on the incense sticks at a store the other day. When I read the one called India, I had to bring it… Continue Reading

A Pledge to Books.

Photo via Isabelle Peterson

“I pledge to read more, from real books.” This is the second pledge of my 12-part monthly series for 2013. The aim here is to get through some of the books I’ve had stacked along the walls of my room for years, while giving my eyes a break from the computer screen. First off, I’d… Continue Reading

Afternoon Delight.

ma cherie amour

It’s nice to finish off lunch with a heart-warming cup of earl grey tea. This week I totally indulged with something a little less traditional. An earl grey infused hand baked donut from Cartems Donuterie. This soft cake donut was topped with an earl grey glaze and dusted with rose petals. I honestly caught myself humming in… Continue Reading