For the love of YARN.

For the love of yarn!

Yarn is used in the production of textiles, sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, and more. Yarn comes in several forms depending on the fibers used. The most commonly used plant fibers are cotton (cellulose of the cotton plant) and linen (fibers of the flax plant). The most commonly used animal fibers are wool (sheep hair), cashmere… Continue Reading

Word Snacks.

A Mid-Summer's Day.

“16. Investigate poetry. Poems are like awesome word snacks that nourish your brain. Find the poets who transcribe your experience of the world. Then look for the ones who show you another side of life entirely.“ Susannah Conway recently wrote an article called 40 lessons from 40 years. She shared this list of life lessons on… Continue Reading

A Wish Your Heart Makes.

Photo via Seasons and Greetings.

Nothing inspires me like the sound of Edith Piaf’s voice. This past December I put together my first mixed tape on the 8-tracks website so that I could listen to my favourite holiday songs at work. To my surprise, this little playlist ended up with 9,000 listens and awarded gold certification from the crew at 8-tracks…. Continue Reading

Foggy Mornings.

Foggy Mornings. ©Lauren Burkitt

January was a foggy month here in Vancouver. I spent every morning outside for my first monthly pledge and these are a few of the photos I took with my iPhone. Have a lovely weekend. The Chinese New Year starts this Sunday, year of the snake!

Portrait Challenge.

Portrait by Megan Eckman.

Megan Eckman, an artist from San Jose, California, is drawing a portrait a day for 2013. That’s right, 365 portraits! I am so thrilled to be a part of her challenge as portrait #35. Check out her gallery of portraits from the project here. Megan’s creative idea to include everyone in her challenge by accepting photographs from… Continue Reading

Super Bowl Sunday.

Photo taken from Pinterest.

You didn’t think I was talking about football did you? I went to a sound healing workshop today put on by one of my favourite yoga instructors, Daniel Shaw, and his partner Julie Peters. There were several large singing bowls set up in the middle of the room and I feel like it’s appropriate to say… Continue Reading