Super Bowl Sunday.

Photo taken from Pinterest.

You didn’t think I was talking about football did you? I went to a sound healing workshop today put on by one of my favourite yoga instructors, Daniel Shaw, and his partner Julie Peters. There were several large singing bowls set up in the middle of the room and I feel like it’s appropriate to say… Continue Reading

Dolce Far Niente.

A conversation between a local Italian man and an American woman: “I’ve been in Rome for three weeks and all I’ve done is learn a few Italian words and eat.” “You feel guilty because you are American, you don’t know how to enjoy yourself.” “I beg your pardon?” “Americans, you work too hard. You get burnt out…. Continue Reading

Homemade Promotion Video.

Matryoshka Dolls. ©LaurenBurkitt

This is a little video I put together for The Figs Heart official website launch. I took 438 pictures of myself writing and drawing very slowly and put these images together at 10 frames per second. It took a lot of patience but I had so much fun making this! The song is called ‘Little… Continue Reading

For the love of LAVENDER.

Lavender is a flowering plant from the Mint family (no wonder I love it so much). It is most commonly known for it’s aromatic qualities that help with relaxation and soothing the skin. Lavender has recently been incorporated into the culinary scene as people discovered this sweet floral flavour makes a great pair with chocolate…. Continue Reading

A Monthly Pledge 2013.

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A monthly pledge is a mini-series I’m starting for 2013. It will include 12 different pledges, one for each month of the year. I will pick an activity I want to include in my daily routine and pledge to do it everyday. There are no limits, and more importantly there are no expectations other than to… Continue Reading