Beauty Chat | The Celution.

Beauty Chat with The Celution.

I’ve paired up with the adorable Celina from The Celution to share a few beauty-related questions with you guys today. Celina is a fellow Canadian blogger (originally from Victoria!) who now lives and studies in Ontario. She’s a future engineer and a beauty expert, make sure to check out her beauty and lifestyle blog to see how she balances this double-life with ease. You can also follow her on BloglovinInstagramTwitter, & Pinterest.

Beauty Chat with The Celution.

What is your general beauty philosophy?
Keep it simple. Whether it’s makeup, hair, or skincare, I like to keep it minimal as I believe that products are just to enhance our natural beauty. Once in a while I will do something special as a treat, but on a day to day basis it’s all about sticking to the basics and embracing what already makes you beautiful. 

If you were a lipstick, what would the name of the shade be?
Such a tough one, but I would go with “Grounded”. There are so many reasons why I chose this name but for one, it would suit the pinky nude shade. For two, it is a reminder to always look for some sort of stability. To me that means keeping your feet on the ground and staying realistic but also, in my field of work, to always keep yourself and your components safe and functional by connecting to ground. Such a nerd.

What’s the biggest beauty tip you tell your readers and follow yourself?
Treat your skin before you sleep! This means removing your makeup and doing the basic steps of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. It is so important to treat your skin right by letting it breathe and helping it heal throughout the night. Simple products and a good diet goes a long way in helping your skin glow too!

Do you splurge on anything? Manicures, facials, high-end products?
High-end products for sure! Aside from my staples that I just repurchase time and time again, every other beauty purchase is a treat to myself. Lately I have been all about the lipsticks and Charlotte Tilbury products that are now available in Canada. Something about reaching for a high-end product just makes me happy and relaxed.

Any beauty guilty pleasures?
Two things: clay masks and body scrubs. Clay masks are the best, especially the Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque. Nothing beats that baby in my books as it is so clarifying without being drying. Sometimes I’ll leave it on while watching a show and keep it active and hydrated for longer by spritzing the LUSH Tea Tree Toner over it. When it comes to body scrubs, I just love either using a coffee scrub or a salt scrub that I make myself! I add fine sea salt with a cold pressed seed and grain oil, and it just leaves my skin glowing and silk smooth.

Do you have a signature scent?
The classic Chloe. Something about it is just fresh and fun, and it seems to go with just about everything.

Favourite place to shop for beauty and skincare?
I typically default to Sephora as they carry most of my favourite brands such as NARS, Tarte, Origins, Bumble & Bumble, etc. but when I get the chance to, I love visiting the beauty counters in Nordstrom and Holt Renfrew. They carry some rather luxurious products that make great treats!

Any brands that you feel especially loyal to?
I tend to default to either NARS or MAC when it comes to makeup, Origins for skincare, and Bumble & Bumble for haircare. These brands do great quality products that are suitable for a wide range of people so I always know I will be able to find something for myself or someone else from these brands.

What inspires you?
Positive energy and the mindset of being yourself by doing what you love. I can always find inspiration from anything that brings a feeling of joy to me or from people who show passion in what they do.

What do you love most about blogging?
Blogging is a creative outlet for me and a way for me to share a part of me I don’t share in the rest of my everyday life. I love having a place to share this side of me as everything I say and do in real life is very much technical. The one unexpected but very much positive aspect of blogging is the feeling of a friendly community where readers and other bloggers are able to speak on the same page about things they love. It is just so much fun being able to connect with people from around the world who share a love for similar things.

Thank you Celina! I loved reading your answers.
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