Raw Manuka Honey Face Mask.


I wrote a post on honey face masks just over a year ago when I first started using honey regularily on my skin. (You can view the post here if you’d like, it includes more of a step-by-step process). Over the past year I’ve tried several different varieties and brands of honey, but just recently I’ve discovered something amazing. Wedderspoon’s Gold Organic Raw Manuka Honey. This is the real deal honey sourced from remote areas of New Zealand. It’s a little expensive for honey, but if you purchase it like a good quality face mask and not a bottle of honey, it’s actually pretty cheap. I found it at Whole Foods during my last trip to Vancouver, but I’m sure other health food stores stock it.

Honey is so great for your skin. It’s a natural moisturizer and it’s antibacterial properties will fight against skin irritations and blemishes. Using a good quality raw honey for face masks allows your skin to soak up as many enzymes and nutrients as possible while gently smoothing and cleaning at the same time. This is such a good product for problem-prone skin because it really deep-cleans without drying or dehydrating. It’s an easy, natural, and inexpensive way to get glowing skin! You can use it as often as you have time for. I usually end up using it 2 times per week, in rotation with my other face masks. Yes, I do a ton of face masks, but it makes me happy. 


Wedderspoon’s Gold Organic Raw Manuka Honey: $38.00
Thanks for reading, happy Thursday!