ON & ON Day Spa, Hanalei.

ON & ON Day Spa.

This super glowy brand new day spa is right in the heart of Hanalei. I am so happy I got to experience a few services before I left Kauai. Not only do they have a gorgeously designed interior, they offer unique services with the highest quality botanical products and modern policies (no tipping allowed). They’ve created a new era of skin and body care with the use of traditional practices. I’m impressed.

Botanical Facial

I had to go with the classic facial as my first treatment, even though they have such unique services that I haven’t experienced before. As a skincare lover, I base a lot of my opinion on a place about how they perform their facial services. Always keeping contact with the skin during massage, customizing the product selection to my skin type, pressure, atmosphere, etc. The music was perfect, not too load and a great selection of calming indie hits. The room was right beside the front desk though, so I heard a few people checking in and out during the treatment. Not a deal breaker.

The esthetician was knowledgeable about the products and used some gorgeous blends on my face. I was really excited to try the Vintner’s Daughter serum, which she used during my facial (and sent me home with a deluxe sample) and my skin loved it. Loved it! I expressed that my face was extra sensitive as I was going through a lot of stress at the time and had more breakouts than normal. She respected my wishes and was very gentle and healing for the whole treatment. I felt very taken care of, giving your face up to a strangers hands can feel exposing and bring up emotions. The ladies at ON & ON have definitely gained my trust.

At $100 for the 60 minute facial (tax included + no tips) I would absolutely book another!

Infrared Sauna

Finding an infrared sauna isn’t easy on Kauai. I was so thrilled when they announced they would have two infrared options here (dual cabin + single dome versions). I tried the single dome because this option was new to me, I’m used to the classic cabin style sauna. The dome was amazing, I sweat a TON! They provide super stylish headphones so you can plug your phone in and chillax for the 30-45 minutes. Your entire body is in the dome while your face is left out, but your face will still sweat so you’re getting all the awesome detox benefits.

They recommend using the sauna 2-4x per week. I could easily use the sauna 2x a week and be a very happy camper, this is a service that I really feel the benefits from right away. Grounding, centering, detoxing, flushing and reseting the whole system. They end the service with an essential oil infused chilled towel for your face and a cool glass of water. It’s these nice touches that make the experience really luxurious. A simple sauna session really felt like a spa visit.

At $30-$65 per session (cabin/dome) I would love to make this a regular visit but it’s not quite in the budget. A really nice way to treat yourself after an extra busy week though.

Definitely check out their 3-minute Cryo Sauna sessions. This is probably the most popular service with the Kauai locals, no joke everyone is talking about it around town! I’m also really interested in giving their Endermologie a try (naturally boosts collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production!). They really nailed it with top quality services.

Even if you’re not into getting a service, their boutique is worth shopping. I love shopping here, it’s like a little escape to Los Angeles, all the best brands in the wellness world! Finally, someone is providing Kauai with access to the products we’re all lusting over on Instagram.

Thank you ON & ON Day Spa for such a wonderful visit. I cannot wait to catch up with you the next time I’m on Kauai. Abundant aloha lovelies!

ON & ON Day Spa. 5-5161 Kuhio Hwy #210, Hanalei, HI, 96714, USA.
[Photos via on-and-on.co]