The Skincare Pillow.

Silk Pillowcase | The Fig's Heart.

I don’t know how I missed out on this revolution for so long. Silk pillowcases! Do you have one? I’m not kidding around when I say I don’t want to ever think about sleeping on cotton again. I picked up a silk pillowcase last month after reading about how they can help promote good skin health (I’m always up for trying new skin care techniques). Plus, how fancy does a silk pillowcase sound? It’s such a relaxing way to end your day.

Your face spends a lot of time up close and personal with your pillowcase. Cotton can be dehydrating to your skin while silk actually helps the skin maintain its natural moisture. Here are the top reasons to rest your pretty face on a silk pillowcase for the night:

    + If you use expensive skincare products at night, your pillowcase is probably getting a lot of the pricey benefits. Silk won’t absorb any of your creams/oils/serums so it allows your skin to savour them all night.
     + If you’re one to get hot at night like I am, you might notice that your skin has breakouts due to perspiration around the hair/jaw line. Silk will help decrease perspiration throughout the night so you have less bacteria left on your pillow case in the morning. It’s also a natural hypoallergenic!
    + Unless you sleep like a vampire every night on your back, you’ve probably experienced a few crinkled cheeks from your pillowcase. Silk will not do this. Less crinkles = less wrinkles in the years to come. Yes please!
    + Many people also use silk pillowcases to protect their hair (less breakage/split ends during the night) and decrease bed-head (preserve the length of your hair style!).

Silk pillowcases are expensive but they will last you many, many years. Throw them in the wash once a week to keep any bacteria at a minimum. Cold water only, gentle cycle (or hand wash). Use natural detergents so the silk stays nice and strong. This is such a great way to treat yourself and take care of your skin!

Where can I buy one? I purchased mine at a local linen store for a decent price. There are a few really luxurious ones I’ve found online but they tend to be more pricey. Holistic Silk makes a beautiful one, so does Branché. If you have a sewing machine it might even be an easy project to make!