The ‘Me Time’ Tag.

The Me-Time Tag.

This tag came out a few months back and I thought it was such a great idea. Originally created as a YouTube video by Essiebutton & Amelialiana. I’ve noticed a few bloggers posted their responses lately and I’ve really enjoyed reading through them. I think this time of year is the hardest to find ‘me-time’. There is so much else going on that it can almost feel selfish to do things for yourself, but it’s such a refreshing way to end the year and start a new one. Even if it’s 10 minutes before you fall asleep, I hope you can find a little me-time in your day.

What do you watch or read during me time?
– I usually have a show or two that I follow on my computer. Right now it’s White Collar and Breaking Bad. A little out of character for me, but love them both. I’m always trying to make my way through books but unfortunately they usually have last priority on my list of things to do and I end up falling asleep before finishing a full page. This is something I really want to work on in the new year. I’ve got some great books waiting for me on my nightstand!

What do you wear during me time?
– I’m going to have to go with Amelia on this one….#nobra. As she wisely states, home is where the bra is not. Too much information? Yeah, sorry.

What are your favourite me time products?
– I definitely have a few favourites when it comes to spa nights at home but I also love using samples. I have a rather large collection of samples that I’ve picked up from some of my favourite brands. I like saving them up to for special nights and pairing a bunch of really fancy facial serums and masks together to do an at-home facial. One of my favourites to use both in the bath as well as a body moisturizer is Leahlani’s Coconut Infusion. This all natural coconut oil is infused with tropical flowers from Hawaii and smells amazing. (Also nice to moisturize the ends of your hair).

The Me Time TAG.

What is your current favourite nail polish?
– Since it’s the holidays I’m all about the Christmas colours. Butter London’s British Racing Green is so sophisticated and chic. I also love Essie’s Jump in my Jumpsuit which I got in my stocking exchange with Christine!

What do you eat / drink during me time?
– If I’m treating myself it will most likely be with some form of chocolate (usually mint or coconut flavoured). Of course tea as well. I love rose tea.

Current favourite essential oils or candles?
– I splurged and bought myself a Diptyque candle. It’s my first one and I’m trying to savour it but it smells so amazing. Another thing I would like to do more next year is have candles in the house. They are actually quite relaxing!

Do you have outdoor me time?
– Sometimes. Again, something to work on. It’s typically dark and freezing by the time I get off work so right now I don’t find myself outdoors too often. In the summer I enjoy walking around the shops downtown or going along the seawall.

The Me-Time Tag.

Would you ever see a movie alone?
– Yes. It’s not something I would do all the time, I don’t actually go to the movies very often. I definitely went through a Rachel Greene eats alone phase back in the day though.

Favourite online shop?
– There are far too many to narrow this down to one. For beauty I like browsing through Eminence Organics or Naturisimo and finding new shops on Etsy or Instagram. I think J.Crew is one of my favourite clothing websites.

Anything extra?
– I love having fresh flowers around, always makes me feel happier. I also mentioned me-time being very refreshing. I like to relax but I also find myself doing things like cleaning off my desk, organizing/de-cluttering, making lists, or other activities to clear my space and mind. I would like to learn a few meditation techniques. I tried it out for 30 days last year and I think I might try it again in the new year.

What do you think? What does your me-time look like?