The Sunscreen Post.

Remember that speech dedicated to the Class of ’99 titled “Wear Sunscreen”? If you don’t know which one I’m talking about, or you feel like reminiscing, listen to it here. Every time I hear this song, a different piece of his advice sticks out to me. This time it was actually the sunscreen part. I must be getting older if protecting my skin if something I actually think about…yikes. Our skin is the biggest organ of our body and it protects every other organ inside of us. I think we owe it to ourselves to protect our skin! But before you go and rub a whole bottle of sunscreen on yourself this summer, try out some of these natural ways to protect your skin from sun damage:

1. Use coconut oil as a natural sunscreen to block 20 percent of harsh UV rays. By reapplying often and limiting your sun exposure to the ‘safe hours’, you can avoid lathering all that chemical cream on your skin entirely. You can use pure coconut oil, or a natural blend such as Giddy-Yoyo’s Love Butter. This cream is divine. It smells, tastes, and feels delicious.

Love Butter. ©LaurenBurkitt

2. Only sunbathe during safe hours (before 11:00 am and after 4:00 pm).

3. If you know you’ll be exposed to the sun during peak hours, wear light clothing that covers your skin, and a hat. If you have to put sunscreen on to avoid burning your face, make sure you choose a natural brand that uses organic ingredients like Beaver.

4. Stay hydrated and consume plenty of fish oil. Omega-3 fatty acids (the good fats!) found in fish oils have been shown to effectively reduce to risk of skin cancer.

5. Boost your antioxidant levels and prevent free radical damage caused by sun exposure while quenching your thirst. Sarah Britton of My New Roots (one of my favourite individuals) created this amazing recipe that she refers to as ‘drink-able sunblock‘.

Goji Berry & Ginger Lemonade (drink-able sunblock):

2 tbsp goji berries (soaked in water for minimum 1 hour)
2-3 cups water (used to soak goji berries)
1 tsp freshly grated ginger root
juice of ½ lemon
raw honey/agave to taste (optional)

Blend until completely mixed. Serve with ice and lemon slices.

Goji Berry Sunblock. ©LaurenBurkitt

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