What’s In My Long-Haul Flight Bag | Katsuno Nagamura.

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I am more than excited to start off a new series called What’s In My Beauty Bag with my gorgeous friend Katsuno Nagamura. Katsuno and I met in high school when her and her sister travelled from Japan to study here in Canada. She is currently living in Hong Kong and works on an international airline as a flight attendant. I was able to spend a couple days with her when she flew to Vancouver last month and she was kind enough to let me snoop through her products and share some of her skincare secrets with you.

You’re probably wondering the same thing as me: how does someone who spends their week on long-haul-dry-cabin-air-flights without a regular schedule for beauty sleep achieve such flawless skin? I mean really, she’s gorgeous! Katsuno has 3 basic methods to maintaining a flawless complexion while travelling and she walks me through each of them below…

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#1 | “I keep a small cosmetic bag filled with in-flight essentials with me at all times. I look for multitasking products that have excellent lasting power to get me through long shifts (sometimes up to 16 hours!)”.

Coco Mademoiselle Fresh Hair Mist. Perfume cannot be worn on the wrists as it might bother passengers while reaching in front of them or passing food, etc. However, having a hair mist allows me to keep things fresh and professional. Especially on the really long flights when I wish I could have a shower.

Shu Uemura Liquid Foundation & Pressed Powder. When it comes time to put makeup on for a 16 hour flight, I need something reliable that is going to last through the dry cabin air and not leave my face looking greasy. This foundation contains just enough moisture to prevent my skin from drying out and producing excess oil as a symptom of dehydration. It is something I trust to keep me looking my best throughout long shifts. I always set this foundation with the pressed powder and use the powder throughout the flight to touch up my face when needed.

Esteé Lauder Pure Colour Crystal Lipstick. This lipstick has just enough pigmentation to look professional and put together, and it’s hydrating enough to wear on my lips for long periods of time. Most lipsticks are too drying to wear during flights, but this one is the one I go to regularly because it gives a nice glossy finish. I can’t carry too many products with me so this lipstick/moisturizer/gloss combination is perfect.

L’Occitane Rose 4 Reines Hydrating Face Mist. This mist needs to be applied all throughout the flight to avoid skin dehydration. It’s gentle, doesn’t smudge my makeup, and nourishes my skin. I spritz it right over my makeup every few hours as a good refresher. This is a must-have for flying!


#2 | “I make sure to thoroughly cleanse my skin everyday and give it as much nutrition as possible through the products I use”.

Morning Routine: I gently rinse my face with water in the morning. I apply the Vitalizing Refining Lotion from the Shu Uemura Red:Juvenus collection and follow with the Shu Uemura Lighbulb Fluid Foundation. This foundation gives me a seamless coverage without being sticky or oily and it lasts all day. I always top that off with the Shu Uemura Matte Face Powder to seal in my foundation and stop any shine. I use the Kate Tokyo Eyebrow Palette and a clear mascara to keep my brows in place and the Loreal Paris Curl Impact Collagene Mascara (only available in ASIA) on my bottom lashes. This is the best mascara I’ve found for my lashes. I wear eyelash extensions on my top lashes. For someone who is constantly travelling this is the best way to go. It saves me time in the morning and it’s an instant face brightener for days when I don’t get much sleep.

Evening Routine: I start by removing my makeup with the Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil. This product is truly amazing. I really take the time to massage this into my skin and it removes all of my makeup while leaving my skin hydrated and nourished. I follow with the Vitalizing Refining Lotion, Intense Vitalizing Concentrate, Vitalizing Line-Reducing Eye Essence, Vitalizing Retexturizing Emulsion, and lastly the Vitalizing Retexturizing Night Cream. These products are all from the Shu Uemura Red:Juvenus collection. I am very loyal to the Shu Uemura brand because their products work well with my skin type and I know I am not only getting good hydration while cleansing my skin, but I am also giving my skin the nutrients it needs to repair itself and stay healthy.

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#3 | “I keep my skin active through activities like hot yoga.”

I was in total awe as soon as I caught a glimpse of Katsuno’s lace cosmetic bag and Japanese brand hair products neatly scattered around the sink in our hotel. This stuff was so gorgeous it had to be photographed. I can’t wait to try out some of the products she’s recommended, if they can pass the test of a 16 hour flight, they must be good! She let me use her cleansing oil in the hotel to take off my makeup at the end of the day and it really was amazing. I must remember to pick up a bottle of that.

Thank you so much for letting me rummage through your beauty bag and share it with the world Katsuno. Your skin is an inspiration to us all. I hope you enjoyed this What’s In My Beauty Bag post. I’ll be back with another lovely face next month. Thanks for reading! Love you guys.