Hawaii 2014 (Part 1).

Aloha! I have returned from my trip to Hawaii. It was pretty amazing to say the least. I’ll be back to regular posts next week, but a few of you have asked to see photos from my trip so here are some highlights. We flew in over Oahu and had an amazing view of the Island… I… Continue Reading

Beauty Travel Essentials.

Today I’m sharing my favourite beauty products to bring on vacation. The ones that make me feel super fancy but are quick and easy to use so I can spend my days relaxed and not thinking about makeup. In less than a week (!!) I’m going on vacation to Hawaii. These multitasking super-products are already packed in… Continue Reading

Vacation Photos: Italy 2011.

“I’d heard how wonderful the food was. How different the tomatoes taste, and how fresh the cheese. But I wasn’t prepared for backyards of oranges, roadsides of arugula, or gardens tucked amidst olive groves. I hadn’t thought of the seafood.” -Nikole Herriott. Italy 2011. These pictures are old, but I still wanted to share them with… Continue Reading

Burning for a Vacation.

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Have you ever burned incense? I always thought it was a little witch-crafty myself, up until recently. For no reason at all, I started browsing through the different scents and reading the descriptions on the incense sticks at a store the other day. When I read the one called India, I had to bring it… Continue Reading